2020 top 5 Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

2020 top five investment opportunities in Nigeria. The country has a thriving and relatively easy business environment with numerous investment opportunities in various sectors.

Some of these sectors (? ) are highlighted below as the article contains contents on the Best investment opportunities you can possibly venture in Nigeria.

  1. Invest in Gold

Gold as an investment opportunity in Nigeria is good because its value never falls.  If you have a 15 karat gold today, it will still be 15 karats even after 20 years but the worth may have increased tens of thousands fold over that period.

Gold serves as a store of value and seeing it Gold as an investment( LINK Investment with ? ) opportunity is a great idea. To be able to trade in gold products, you must first learn the basics of doing Gold business.

You must know how they are measured, weighed and valued.  You must also know where to source from and how to identify original gold for investment.

With 200,000 Naira to 1 Million investment capital into Gold, you’ll make a good profit.

  1. Invest in stocks

Stocks in this category will be the riskiest investment to make for one who has a huge capital, but at the same time can give very return of investments if the deal goes well.

There are so many good companies to put money into and buy shares from them and watch it grow into something huge.  if carefully done, investing in equities can offer an incredible return.  Return on equity investment is not only in terms of capital appreciation but it also comes in dividend and script issues or bonuses.

It has also been shown that, perhaps, the only investment that beats equities over a period of time is real estate. It is important to note that stocks are very liquid and it is readily available when there is an emergency.  To achieve enormous success, it is important to carry out a satisfactory investigation of the market foray.

  1. Treasury Bills:

Treasury bills remain the best investment opportunity as it’s the most secure form of investment in Nigeria because it has very little to zero risks of losing your hard-earned money and backed by the government.

  1. Buy Properties, Invest into Real Estates

Buying properties in Nigeria have been one of the surest investment ones can make especially for a country like Nigeria that is developing. But one thing is certain about investing in properties in Nigeria, you have to take into proper account the city/town which the property is located. Profit returns from places like Abuja and Lagos can never be compared to profit margins to place like Enugu and Benin.

If you need quick withdrawal from property investment, then, consider major cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja, but if you are looking for long-term investment on a property, then, consider places like Onitsha, Enugu, Ogun, Delta. Just make proper research before diving into anything.

Another secret to getting your way well wrapped in real estate investments if you don’t have much capital is to buy lands in local areas that have high chances of developing. There are places in Nigeria that you can buy a piece/plot of land for as low as 500,000 Naira. After buying the land, hold onto it for a while and when development starts coming in, use the piece of land for renting services.

  1. Uber/Taxify Business

In recent times, the riding business has grown and is currently one of the best investment opportunities in major cities in Nigeria. Both Taxify and Uber are on top of the food chain in Nigeria and are going head to head in the riding business.

Currently operating in major cities of the country, Taxify and Uber have provided employment opportunities for young and old Nigerians who are capable enough to run the business. If you are financially buoyant enough to have more than 1 car, you can register with either of the companies and hire a driver to be delivering your profit at the end of every week

  1. Private Education

The need for skilled tradespersons, computer programmers, and agricultural workers will only increase in demand as Nigeria transforms its economy and becomes an international economic power. At present, there is an opportunity for private education to offer specific programs that are in demand in the country.

Nigeria is a country with vast underemployment and by offering distance learning or night schools, there is potential for strong investment returns in for-profit education.

As an example, one can look at the success of Curro in South Africa, which began as a private for-profit primary and secondary schools and now has a post-secondary offering.

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