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How to Make the Most of A 3day Vacation: Do’s and Don’ts

Everyone needs a break sometimes and to enjoy this, one is advised to take note of some important tips that would help make the best of this event. As you plan your holidays, vacations, staycations and even baecations, have in mind relevant tips that would help you enjoy yourself in the best way.

Before I begin with the unwritten rules of a holiday/vacation, we must first understand that going on holiday is precisely for relaxation, to take your kind off work, off the pressure, the bills, the kids, it’s time off everything that is stress-related. And for this to happen, one has to leave out all the work and enjoy the fun. But how exactly can you enjoy the fun? How do you enjoy the holiday you’ve paid for whether alone, with someone else or as a group? 

Here are the dos of a holiday, what should be done before or during your time off: 

1.      It is very important to read about where you’re going to spend time in, it could be time spent in a resort, a little staycation in a fancy hotel, a country you’ve never been to, on a ship, wherever it is you have selected, read on it, check its reviews (which you should have done before paying) do a little research on it; what’s significant about the area, what are they known for, what’s unique about it, etc.

2.      Never take work you except if you want to spend your holiday receiving calls and emails. This is a holiday, a time chosen for relaxation, to refresh yourself, your mind and your strength. Taking work with you would do no good but add to the stress you are trying to shed. Think of the money paid to enjoy this wonderful trip, don’t let it be for nothing. If you wanted to work, you could have just stayed back and not made plans for the holiday, right? ‍

3.      Take all your essentials. Yes, though the hotel or resort may have all the fancy and luxury items you might want, don’t forget to pack toiletries. Ensure that everything you will and think you might need is packed before leaving. There are times where we feel a particular item won’t be needed but it’s when that feeling comes that you realise you might need that item the most so take it along and leave no room for regrets. 

4.      Take pictures, lots and lots of pictures. The thing about hardcopy images is that it’s always on display, and for pictures on the phone, they’re forever the same, so take both. Take pictures of anything exciting, it makes the memories last longer. Images help you remember how an event went, how everything happened and unfolded. Our memories are the best things we have to hold on to when everything ends. There is something exciting and even relaxing about pictures; it makes the moment last for ever; and every time you look at it, it takes you back to that perfect moment. 

5.      Get yourself a souvenir, something that would make you remember what it felt like to be there. It could be a key holder, a sweatshirt, a fridge magnet, or a nice home decoration. Souvenirs remind you of special moments and help keep memories alive. Souvenirs are an important part of any vacation as they help keep the memories alive. 

As you are making the best of your stay, here are some Don’ts:

1.      Do not go on a vacation you know you cannot afford or would take forever to earn that money or pay it back. Ensure that it’s what you can afford at the time. You don’t have to stay in the most expensive place, just pay for what you can afford and make the best of it. 

2.      Do not sleep your time away. It’s a holiday, if you wanted to sleep, you should have stayed at home. Enjoy every bit of your vacation, go site seeing, try out the food, explore places, historical sites, don’t just sit back looking at everyone else have fun. Feed your eyes and capture the moment. 

3.      If possible, avoid spending time on your phone. It’s a time to feel alive and not via social media or the internet. Feel the moments and savour them. Take it in. Don’t spend hours on your phone or laptop when you are on a vacation, it would only take the fun out of the holiday. 

4.      Don’t forget to make a reservation. While some may plan a vacation through a tourism agency, some people may just book a flight and forget to make a reservation or any arrangement for accommodation. It sounds ridiculous but it does happen. Before you book a flight ensure that you have a place to stay, if you plan to stay with a relative, a friend or family, let them know the details of your arrival and prepare for your coming. If you plan on paying for a trip without thinking of where to sleep, you’re setting yourself up for a disappointment. 

5.      Don’t over plan: Leave room in your plans for the unexpected. You can never predict delays, cancellations, and other unknowns, but even without obstacles, you’ll want time to explore your surroundings. You may want to get lost in a conversation with a new friend or have a bit more alone time. Even if it’s just enough time to catch an extra nap after a long journey, planning to have spare moments can ultimately lead to the best vacation ever.

Don’t forget, this is your opportunity for some fun, a time to make beautiful memories; don’t let anything stop you from doing that!

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