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10 Things Gaming Companies Should Be Doing In 2021

The gaming industry is the industry involved in the development, marketing, and monetization of video games. It encompasses dozens of job disciplines. And its component parts employ thousands of people worldwide. This industry is one that benefited largely from the Corona Virus era. As people were forced to stay indoors. Humans were naturally drawn to doing things that kept them entertained during the pandemic. Like watching movies, operating their phones, and playing games amongst others.If gaming companies want to remain relevant. With the gaming market rocketing from focused market to mainstream. Here are 10 things gaming companies should be doing 2021.

With the speedy growth of technology in 2021. Gaming companies know better not to lag behind. As the sector feeds directly from technology advancements. Smart gaming companies would be looking for ways to best harness these opportunities. Created by the likes of edge computing, internet of things, virtual and augmented reality. 

1) Virtual Reality

Virtual reality allows you to be completely immersed in an alternative gaming world. This technology has been around for a while. With people predicting its dominance of the entertainment scene. For example imagine a new Call of Duty Series that allows you to play through virtual reality, permitting players to alternatively be in the game, holding the guns and fighting as though it was for their lives. What an experience it would be. Virtual reality can make that possible. With more affordable headsets available, gaming companies need to be looking in a virtual direction.

Virtual Reality

2) Augmented reality

         Augmented reality which makes it to our list of 10 things gaming companies should be doing in 2021 requires you to use an application with your smartphone. The camera is a portal to a world where graphics can be superimposed into reality. The idea of this is that the game becomes more interactive due to the combo of the real and the virtual.

Augmented Reality

CLICK THIS. if you need more understanding between AR and VR

3) IT’s Coming Home

Everything we enjoyed outside the comfort of our homes is now being brought back, directly to us. You can now sit at the epicenter of live entertainment while on your sofa. Rather than missing out on your night at the bingo with the girls. You can gather them all on zoom and turn your attention to the exclusive new MeccaTV channel There is no need to pay money to enjoy the fun.


4) Better Graphics

From the blocky and pixelated 1990’S to the high definition quality graphics we now enjoy from PS4, XBOX, and the rest. It is really amazing to see what graphics have now become in the 21st century. Game developers are now using actors to help bring alive the facial features and get better detail into the gaming experience.


5) Face and Voice Recognition

         This is a technology that has been better utilized in the security field. Voice recognition is also being deployed with our phones and other gadgets. Soon, it is thought that players will be able to scan their faces and become the character in the game. You can also control gaming experience with your voice. Can’t you already feel that?. The complete gaming experience.

Face & Voice Recognition

6) 5G and The Cloud

         With talks of ditching the 4G network. For the more efficient and latent-free cellular network. Gaming developers should be thinking of making more games that can access this feature. Rather than waiting for your game to download to a limited GB hard drive. You will be able to play high definition games right from the cloud. With no lagging in speed or operation. No matter the console.5G is the new world.

5g & The Cloud

7) Smartphones

         As much as PlayStation and Microsoft would love to persuade you that the future of gaming is console based. It is more likely that there is more money in the games for our mobile phones. Therefore more we can do/ accomplish more with smart phones in gaming. The cost of developing a game is so much lower and the return for publishers is higher. For example The Call of duty mobile. Had high engagement ever since its release.

People show their smartphones on December 25, 2013 in Dinan, northwestern France. AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE HUGUEN (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

8) Games As A Service

While games have long been iterated and improved. There is a rising trend towards games as a service. The aim for developers is to make the user experience convenient, adaptable, and increase continuous engagement on the game. Therefore, there has been an emphasis on building more community initiatives around games like Crowd 9, twitch etc.

Games as a Service

9) Regulation

         While, Everything in the gaming sector garden looks to be booming, there are some shadows on the horizon. There are likely to be issues of privacy and regulation. As there is an increased Government interest in controlling the level of fraud during gaming transaction, As soon as free games such as Fortnite earned massive revenue for in application purchase, the idea of regulation and control was always going to rise.

Gaming Regulations

10) Investors are Interested

         The gaming sectors above all others. Have found a way to commercialize success. The eSports movement is creating a boom in interest in Console and PC gaming. Such that all sorts of companies are piling in money to the sector. With this sort of backing there is always going to be money to be made in games. Gaming companies should also create more opportunities for investors.


The gaming industry is a really lucrative business. And if companies must survive. Here are 10 things gaming companies should be doing in 2021.

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