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How To Customize Your LinkedIn Profile

We now understand the difference between formal and informal social networking tools. The need to communicate and network is filled with various purposes and reasons. While some networks provide a platform to showcase lifestyle, another provides a place for business professionals to meet. This place is LinkedIn and here are reason, and steps on how to customize your linkedIn Profile. Read our recent post on why we all need a LinkedIn account to understand this piece better.

Reasons To Customise Your Linked In Profile

 Today the world needs more and more platforms like these. Actually, the world has always needed such. However, not many people have an understanding of how some of all these platforms work. Especially when the universe is more focused on the entertaining part of social media. So, a professional platform such as these one is needed to create jobs, contracts, & other business related information. Well they are a lot of reasons why we need to know how to customize our LinkedIn profile.

Reasons to customize your linkedIn profile.

Search Optimization

Google is in support of LinkedIn and places LinkedIn quite high on searches. So when a business partner/professional is looking for information about you, you would easily pop up on the Google search. This is very important for business; it makes you look sophisticated and ready to work.

For search optimisation.


Social media platforms were made for new and already acquainted clients/friends. A customized profile includes a profile picture (these happens to be one of the first steps in customization), which allows your clients/friends to be able to identify you.  Sometimes a well-taken and uploaded picture might push an individual to look at your profile. The essence of making a package beautiful to attract customers can never be outdated.

For identification.


One of the reasons why the LinkedIn application was created was not only to connect professionals but to also provide a platform to express your brand ideas. Customizing your profile provides you this very opportunity. It allows you to upload necessary pictures and information about you and your business in a manner that appeals to the person going through your profile.

For branding.

Steps To Customize Your LinkedIn Profile

All these and more, are reasons are why we must not only own a LinkedIn account but also understand how to customize your linkedIn profile. They are certain steps taken to ensure a smooth execution of this process, these steps involve

Adding a professional profile picture

The first step should be to upload a professional picture of yourself. Keyword “professional”, I mean your employer doesn’t need a picture of you in the club or a picture of you wearing 8 gold chains like a rapper who just went platinum. Your LinkedIn profile needs a descent picture and I don’t mean you should be too reluctant to make a statement. Like snapping in front of your neighbour’s front yard not looking your best. Just be you, all you need is a smart phone and a good weather, while looking impressive enough to get linked to other professionals.

Professional profille picture.

Get Creative With Your Headlines

The first thing anyone sees while searching for your name your headline. I know I would like to see a cool headline from my future business partner, am not sure about you. Well, be creative with the first thing anybody sees on your profile, don’t go like “My name is Bridget and I would be happy if I get a job as a caterer” This is what a thousand and one people would write so think deeper. Maybe you could go like “Ever needed someone to take care of your food problems at events? Hit me up, am looking forward talking to you too”. I don’t know, it could be anything just be creative.

Get a creative headline

Create A Unique LinkedIn Profile

Knowing how important a business website is, makes business persons want to get one. LinkedIn allows you to have a personalized URL that serves as a site for your business. To create this, click the View Profile, then click Edit public profile & URL on the right side.

Right under Edit your custom URL on the right side, click Edit on the icon besides public profile URL. Insert the last section of your new custom URL in the text box. Now click save. That was easy wasn’t it? I know, I know it looks complicated but its not. So, personalize your LinkedIn URL, it makes you look professional.

Unique linkedIn profile.

Follow Companies That Interest You

It pays to follow companies that are related to your line of work or profession. Companies provide information about themselves and their businesses. They do all these through posts on their feed, so you would not be doing anything wrong by following companies that would probably inform you on trends related to your line of work.

Follow companies that interest you.

Be Good To Your Network

These could be done by recommendations or by posting articles related to your line of work for others to see and benefit from. Social platforms are nice to users that are active and make use of its features. That way LinkedIn would be nice to you showing you everything you need to know about the kinds of information you post. Also, the people you recommend may one day recommend you. One good turn deserves another, right?

Your network.

Personalize Request Message

This is the default message added by LinkedIn. This message reads “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn” Nobody gets hurt for changing this phrase. You could delete this and add yours.

Personalise request message.

Read Your Feed & Comment

LinkedIn responds more to active users. If you open your LinkedIn account and leave it dormant, it means you don’t need it and LinkedIn would treat you in the manner you treat them. Its like an oath, you play your part and they play theirs or both parties suffer. Okay am kidding its not an oath. Either ways, social media platforms need active users. So, click on feeds, comment, recommend etc. Be active and get jobs.

Be active.

Now that we understand why we all need a LinkedIn account. After opening an account we also need to present it in a manner that attracts professionals. Jobseekers most especially need to understand how to customize your LinkedIn profile.

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