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Technological Trends Used In Godzilla vs King Kong

Why are we even talking about two monsters that faced-off in a Hollywood movie? For all we know it was just another movie, so what is the point? Global technological destination is the reason we have decided to look into this then much-anticipated motion picture. Just like in the past certain details in movies have  predicted where the world is headed. Godzilla vs. King Kong is a 2021 movie, which gave us plenty technological details. These details are a part of the technological trends in use today. Hence, the technological trends used in Godzilla vs King Kong are the future.

The Story Line

The story line doesn’t really focus on technology; it’s more about monster supremacy. King Kong who is a Giant Ape from Skull Island refuses to bow to anyone. In his world there can only be one Alpha Male, and he occupies that position according to his believe. Godzilla on the other hand is a king of his own world. This huge lizard boasts of the necessary monster height as well as a power source that recharges every now and then. This power source is indicated by blue rays of light and cuts through everything in its way.

In line with, the story the level of technology used ranged from Virtual Reality to Robotic engineering. These trends can easily be called tricks, but we know that they already exist. 5G networks, edge computing and the rest are already on the move.

This movie used some technological trends, which we are going to look at now. Make no mistake the world has changed. Technology might even just be the birth of a new universe. Predictions have been made and these trends are being embraced. The technological trend used in Godzilla vs King Kong is just a part of how much we would be capable of, in the nearest future. Welcome to a new world, welcome to the beginning of it.

Technological Trends Used In Godzilla vs King Kong

1) Virtual Reality

King-Kong was held at a facility known as the skull island. Although, unlike the normal skull island these facility was simulated and wasn’t real. The facility was created by the Titans Intelligence Agency. The island was made just like a striking replica of what the other skull island looked like.

The ape was put in that simulation to make him feel comfortable and take that space as home. It is seen at the beginning that King-Kong was communicating with a deaf and dumb girl whose name is Jia, her real name is Kaylee Hottle and she was a native on the original skull island. When the island was destroyed Kong saved her. So it makes so much sense that the most vivid memory he has of skull island was with Jia, virtually again.

However, King-Kong knew he was held down at a facility. As he grew bigger he became an inch closer to the top. The skull island was a very huge virtual space; I mean imagine a place built as home for an animal of such magnitude. This simulation is not in anyway impossible to carry out.

Although, a space that huge, would be very expensive but still built on the same virtual reality. King-Kong as seen in the movie gets angry at some point and launches a device with his right feast hitting the top of the animated island, that is how you know none of it was real and was simulated. Virtual Reality is one technical trend already used in games and learning processes. What’s another skull island?

Virtual Reality

2) Robotics Engineering

What is Godzilla without a doppelganger? I am guessing that is exactly what the people at apex cybernetics were thinking about when they started creating a robotic-engineered Godzilla. This machine was so strong it took the combined effort of both monsters to bring it down. Don’t you just love it when monsters become friends? This robotic project was done at sublevels in Hong-Kong of the Apex Cybernetics. According to the movie the mechanized Godzilla was Controlled by the Chief Technology Officer, known as Ren Serizawa.

Serizawa used a skull of an ancient Godzilla Ghidora to power the robot. Apex cybernetics created a connection between the machine and Ghidora’s three heads. The heads of the ancient Godzilla Ghidora, would communicate telepathically with each other.

Ren Serizawa created a neural connection between the heads and the mechagodzilla, making it possible to be controlled by the user. This wasn’t the first time the Mechagodzilla was appearing on screen. Mechagodzilla first appeared in 1974 movie Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla where it was portrayed as an alien villain. The CEO of Apex Cybernetics wanted to replace Godzilla with its own Apex Titan.

Mechagodzilla, Godzilla & King-Kong

The idea behind mechagodzilla was to protect the world without relying on a monster that can’t be controlled. Robots have been spoken about for years. Robotic engineering Sims to be a slow technological trend due to the fact that humans feel its supremacy may one day be destroyed. However, someday robots are another technological trend the world would embrace. It is only logical that machines that can fight wars be created, if machines fight wars then humans would be unbothered about bloodshed. This is just one among the many instances of why the world needs robots.

3) Automated Aerial Vehicles (Heavs)

In the 1984, The Return Of Godzilla was created, a movie where the Monster wakes up again to launch an attack in Japan. The government at the time was in possession of a war aerial vehicle called SpaceX. The SpaceX was used to protect the city against Godzilla. Godzilla won the fight but more and more aerial vehicles continued to appear in subsequent films, like Godzilla vs Biollante and Godzilla vs Destroyer.

Although, the appearance of a hollow earth aerial vehicle in Godzilla vs. King-Kong was not meant for war. This time the vehicle was called Heavs and it was the vehicle used to travel into Hollow Earth. The Hollow Earth is believed to be another world in sublevels, it is known as core of the planet. It is a world that is characterized by inverse gravitational force, unlike the one on the surface. Nathan Lind and his squad used the automated aerial vehicle.

We do not know when it would get to the point of Aerial Vehicles. What we do know is that there are already automated cars. Automated cars are cars that make independent decisions due to the fact that they collect their own information from the Internet.

Automated Cars

These cars are autonomous which means they don’t need humans and can communicate with themselves. With the right smart road network, cars would be able to act as though humans drive them. Aerial vehicles are flying cars, which was called Heavs in the movie. It is an upgrade on automated cars and would have its say when it’s time.

Godzilla vs. King-Kong is a movie you should watch if you are looking forward to technological trends. The movie, released in March 31, 2021 and uses a lot of futuristic technology. The technological trends used in Godzilla vs. King-Kong shows us where technology is headed. So brace yourself for a lot of surprises, we would soon understand how much the world has changed.

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