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Why We All Need A LinkedIn Profile

You can be a millionaire by getting in on the right conversation, with the right person. This however, wasn’t the utmost priority for introducing humans to the concept of networking. Many social media platforms portray an informal setting, thereby creating the need to connect on a professional basis. Cheers! To why we all need a LinkedIn profile.

If you already own a LinkedIn account it is safe to say you already understand the importance of putting yourself out there professionally. LinkedIn hosts more than 600 million professional profiles, which connotes nearly an endless supply of job opportunities. It possesses features that best suit the corporate world, for people to connect, build & inspire.

The focus is on branding and everyone in this regard is a brand name. Other social media platforms ranging from Facebook to Instagram and the likes, are quite different from this corporate world. While Instagram & Facebook also help you build your brand with certain business features like ads and business profiles, LinkedIn is a different ball game. This site helps you to easily research companies, recruiters, and hiring managers, thus helping the user to know more about these bodies before, let’s say, sending a job application.

LinkedIn Helps Your Brand

A LinkedIn profile is anybody’s guide to getting to know about you, if and when needed. There are many benefits that come with owning this sort of account; so if you are a professional or a creative in that light, dive right in to better understand Why We All Need A LinkedIn Profile.


Also known as LinkedIn Corporation, is a social network service. LinkedIn, an American business and employment structured online platform, operates through website and mobile applications. This social tool started on May 5, 2003. This network created community, focused on connecting with professionals in mind.

Hence, developing an online space for people of that nature to meet, allow job seekers to post and share their Curriculum Vitae. It also displays links to different jobs from employers. The rather amazing thing about this idea is that it doesn’t just show you an employment opportunity, but also shows you the employer’s profile.


An employer’s profile allows the job seeker to know a little more about what the employers stand for. This way it is easy to know where and if you fit in. This saves you time and is a more effective way to apply for jobs.

So instead of just jam-packing different profiles to send an application to, LinkedIn already shows you the few you should send to. Doing this betters your chances of feedback. Its like trying to fit square pegs into round holes and hoping that someday you’d get lucky and the round hole would widen up to perfectly fit the square peg.

The Unemployment Scare

“In 2021, the unemployment rate is Nigeria is estimated to reach 32.5%. Although, this figure is projected to increase further in 2022. Chronological data shows that the unemployment rate in Nigeria has risen constantly in years past. In the fourth quarter of 2020, over 33% of the labour force was unemployed”, according to Statista. This pretty much tells us that at the rate at which it is going, it is important to learn the proper way to apply for jobs.

Connecting with investors, marketers, business owners, and all sorts of top managers is on top of the list when trying to get a job or a contract. Get to know the people you are planning to work for, that way it’s easy for the employers and the jobseekers. If this so far, has not convinced you to own a LinkedIn profile today, let’s move on to why you should have one.

Reasons Why We All Need A LinkedIn Profile

Here are some benefits even some LinkedIn users don’t know they are entitled to:

1) LinkedIn Helps You Rank Your Name On Google

When applying for a job, the first thing the organization does is try to find more information about you. Google is the best place to go, and if no result shows your name, then maybe it’s time to be interested in this bit of information. Google ranks LinkedIn as one of its top profile results for getting information on employees. Owning a good LinkedIn account is key to moving past this stage. It definitely pays to make a good impression on your employers, and having in one place, all that people need to know about you professionally is great. So Google your name, but first have a LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Helps Your Search Optimization

2) It stands as your archive for contacts

The goal is meeting as many new people as possible every time you get the opportunity. There is no measuring the instances that arise on every link up. You could have met your business partner or a marketer, or you made it to a conference and met 20 different people in line with your profession.

Now, we meet a lot of people everyday, that’s if you’re not an introvert. Meeting people means exchanging contacts, giving out a lot of business cards or any other means to connect, or, you could probably just exchange LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn makes it easy to monitor your business friends without being in steady contact. You may need that same marketer 3 years from now and boom! LinkedIn is right there with the information.


3) Helps You With Related News

Let’s say you are registered on Instagram as a media person. Instagram keeps showing you information and updates related to that sector. This is exactly how social networks operate, and LinkedIn is no different. It provides information related to your kind of connections, your industry, the company you work for and all that. That way you are updated on everything that changes in your line of profession.

News Updates

4) Networking

This is the very purpose social networks were built for; to network. You can never know enough people for businesses/contracts. The more professionals you know, the higher your chances of getting informed about opportunities.

LinkedIn connects you to top professionals in the game. It’s a feature we should all take advantage of, as there is no telling what comes out of a “hi” or ‘hello’.


5) Search Employers Profile

As stated earlier, organizations steadily update information about their businesses; company news & insight. This helps the user or job/contract seeker to know enough about the company, blending in their culture, mode of operation & all kinds of company information.Hence, It’s good to have such information before one applies for a job at that company, because you know enough about the company to now confidently proceed to applications or interviews.

Employer’s Profile

We all benefit from a corporate world where connecting is always needed. Jobseekers have been gifted this social network platform, and to make appropriate use of it, one must first understand Why We All Need a LinkedIn profile. Welcome to the world of professionals

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