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The Rise Of Drone Technology

Why exactly do you think drones were created? Solely for the setting off of unmanned bombs during warfare? A method greatly favoured by countries. Countries who could handle the very cost of fielding such sophistication on the battlefield, even more so without losing a soldier. The concept of drones date back to 1849, when Austria attacked Venice using unmanned balloons stuffed with explosives. Austrian forces at the time launched around 200 of these incendiary balloons over the city. Each balloon carried anywhere between 24 (11kg) to 30 (14kg) pounds of bombs. Once in position, these bombs were dropped from the carrier balloons to cause mayhem in the city below. Fortunately for the Venetians, only one bomb found its mark due to a sudden change in wind direction.

However, drones are taking a more accurate step to solving human issues, rather than just military purposes. As we saw during the pandemic, drones could go where people could not due to the lockdown. If we were to face another time like this,. Drones would be in the best position to be first service providers and here are reasons why.

5 Uses Of Drones You Didn’t Know (Drone Marketing)

The world is indeed changing. The need for humans to keep evolving is never ending and drones are the result of that development. A larger part of the universe still hasn’t exposed their minds to the diverse use of this device, with many still addressing their curiosity to the military world. But here are 10 alternate uses for drones that would not just put the world in a better state, but would help us better prepare for another time when humans would be heavily restricted and machines may have to rise up to the challenge.

1. Amazon Prime Air.

2. Agriculture.

3. Aerial Construction Drones.

4. Ambulance Drones.

5. Internet Access Drones

1.Amazon Prime Air

In the works for already a few years, Amazon’s Prime Air service plans to use drones to deliver customer orders, such as a pair of sneakers, in 30 minutes which is about how many minutes it takes you to change your mind from wearing something entirely new despite what you have in your wardrobe, and getting it as soon as you buy it. These drones are equipped with sensors that allow them to avoid obstacles along the way, land the package safely next to a customer’s home or other location, and return to its base. The latest progress made with the service has been in the UK, where in July of 2016, Amazon announced that it would begin testing delivery in the near future.

Amazon prime air.

2. Agriculture

Drones have been used in the agricultural sector in Japan for about 30 years, spraying pesticides and performing other tasks, with the result being that about one third of all rice consumed in Japanese homes today has been worked on by drones. About 10 days of traditional work is done in about two days, thanks to these drones.

Agricultural drones.

3. Aerial Construction Drones

There are those who believe that, in the near future, drones will be working side-by-side with humans in laying building foundations and performing other similar tasks. And there are those who are already experimenting with such tasks.

For example, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is engaged in a collaboration called “The Aerial Construction Project” where the objective is to “investigate and develop methods and techniques for robotic aerial construction” allowing robots to partake in construction.

Aerial view.

4.Ambulance Drone

To me there is nothing more fascinating, than an idea created by humans to better protect human lives, and the ambulance drone by far meets this expectation.

Made at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, the Ambulance Drone aims to solve a problem that has been the cause of death in many sudden medical emergencies, such as cardiac arrest. It aims to get to the scene in those first few minutes that often are the most crucial, until the real ambulance arrives. Designed with videos and two-way audio communication ability, and compartments with advanced first-aid kits, the ambulance Drone is meant to reach the victim and instruct on what to do with the first aid equipment.

Ambulance drones.

5.Internet Access Drones

Can’t say enough about drone advancement without its contribution to technology itself. Google and Facebook have, for couple of years now, been invested in separate drone technologies with the intention of spreading Internet access to pretty much the entire world. Technically, Google isn’t invested in drone technology but rather, a balloon technology called Project Loon. Facebook’s money is in actual drones, solar powered and meant to fly more than 10 miles above ground to provide internet access to areas below it.

Internet access drones.

The world is really changing as we know it, and in no time we would have more machines do our bidding, while we watch the world embrace artificial intelligence more and more. These and more are the reasons we should all understand what awaits us with the rise of the drone technology.

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