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6 Benefits Of Using Animation Advertisement In Your Business

Nobody wants to see a 5-minute video on even a product they love, that’s like seeing a whole movie. The world we live in has engineered more people to have shorter attention spans each passing day. Social media videos are taking advantage of this fact; small businesses can now create 1-2 minutes of brilliant content to market their products. Even though big companies that can afford traditional modes of advertising still shoot television commercials, you can now choose to ignore the advert. This and more are reasons why your business should also consider benefits of using animation advertisement in their businesses.

Short Animated Videos

The success of small businesses is now mostly down to social media adverts. It is a battle of content out there, for businesses that want market domination. A lot of energy put into content marketing, search engine optimization, the perfect use of social media applications, and other small tech business related areas speaks load. More often than not, short videos for the particular reason of attracting customers appear better as animations. It drives home the company’s point in a very short but fascinating way. Consumers end up entertained and interested at the same time, which is the goal of every animation advert.

This is cost effective, time friendly and reflects consistency, unlike traditional modes of marketing. Animations also defy the norm; anything is possible with a cartoon, from drawing the character to the representation of the idea. Animations contain various benefits to businesses. And it is one practice that would continue to dominate as long as social media videos matter. As a matter of fact, this is an era of short and animated videos. And Businesses should already be taking full advantage.

Benefits of using animation advertisement in your business.

Benefits of Using Animation Advertisement in Your Business

It may require a good designer and a few bucks. But a video that cost less for almost the same amount of benefits as traditional videos should be considered as the best marketing alternative at the moment. These benefits include:

Videos Boost Conversion Rate

Videos are a more direct form of communication. It involves the business having a one-end communication with their customers; giving them information about their products, services and other necessary updates. Statistics show that including an animated video on your landing page increases your conversion rate by 80%. It appeals to all kinds of customers interested in anything from clothes, books, to food. Most times, your social media account is the first place new customers go to when they need information about your business. Having an array of videos showcasing fun characters in attractive colors talking about your business, sounds like a fair trade to me.

Conversion rate.

Engage Your Customers

Besides giving customers information about products, they also get entertained in the process of learning. Who wouldn’t be a fan of such services? Social media users can be hooked to their phones watching content for a whole day. Statistics show that one-third of the activities online is time spent watching videos. Animations give you a chance at steadily engaging with fans of your business, which further drives sales. Businesses can direct their animation energy to both new and existing customers, by showing them what is new in an attention-grabbing manner. So engage with your customers in a series of brilliant cartoon inspired posts because spending money while being entertained hurts less.

Engage Customers.

Help Clients Understand Your Products

Everybody understands a cartoon description. One of the benefits of using animation in advertising is that it is easier to understand. A detailed and clear explanation can be made in a cartoon video without it being boring. Much of the decision made to convert purchasing power to revenue comes with the customer’s ability to understand what you are trying to sell them. If they get it, there is a high possibility they may remain loyal customers. Animated videos create a good first impression for potential buyers. Either it’s 2D or 3D, a 2-minute max animated video explaining products can be the different and work magic when used properly.

Help clients.

Save Time and Money

Video advertising can require a lot of money to fully represent what the business is talking about. These kinds of videos are often financed by huge companies. For example Coca-Cola in 2010 spent more money than Microsoft and Apple combined in advertising. Rilz949 on YouTube estimated Coca Cola’s advertising budget at $2.9billion, while Microsoft and Apple spent $1.6billion and $691 million respectively. Although not all of it was spent on video adverts, a huge sum however, must have been allocated for all the videos shot in that year, while the rest may have been spent on promotions. Seeing those numbers raises a subconscious thought regarding how some company’s assets are less than another’s budget allocation.

Saves time and money.

Animated videos would obviously not give the same result of a Coca-Cola advert campaign, but they can do a lot in keeping the business moving at a good pace. They also don’t take a lot of time to create; a designer in front of the screen can get the job done. A lot of consumers are on the other side waiting to learn and be entertained at the same time, so why wait?

Improves SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Google in the biggest fan of animated videos and it shows. Because including animated videos on your platforms is a great way to rank high on Google searches, thereby increasing your Search Engine Optimisation. A good SEO allows your business to be more visible and easy to access online.

Research also shows how long a user visits and stays on your website. And an entertaining animated video has proven to keep users engaged for longer. Google is saying “Yes”! What’s stopping you?

Improves SEO

Bring Your Ideas To Life

Imagination is on another realm of intelligence, and animated videos allow you to express yourself in the way that best reflects the message of your products. Animations allow you to tell your story from any angle, whether it involves a character flying to the moon to bring the product to planet earth, or a character lifting a vehicle to advertise fitness, anything can be represented virtually. You are encouraged to create what you feel and tap into the minds of your customers with your imagination. When this is accurately executed, they would always come back for more.

Bring your ideas to life.

It’s one thing to accept videos as a marketing tool, and another to embrace animation videos at this time and age with the social media rage. Learning to use this form for advertisement saves you money and time, which in turn helps your revenue stream. Social media is a whole different ball game, and you just might need the advantages that come with a new style of play to succeed. Hence, in the interest of good business and the benefits it comes with, animation may just be the way to go. And Reading the 6 benefits of using animation advertisement in your business can go a long way to helping.

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