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The Use of Technology in marketing: Old Technology VS New Technology - BELT
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January 18, 2022
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The Use of Technology in marketing: Old Technology VS New Technology

Marketing is a process that involves the selling of goods and services to targeted customers. It also involves the creation of a suitable environment for the products in the market which could be done digitally or non-digitally. Technology in marketing is vast and open for you to pick which best suits your marketing strategy.

Old Marketing Technology

Old Marketing Technology is known as non-digital marketing. These includes; television commercials, direct calls, word-of-mouth, billboards, flyers etc. These used to be the go-to form of marketing, until the needs of customers began to change which led to changes in marketing strategies. Because of these changes, new technology was born which overshadowed the old technological means of marketing.

Old Marketing Technology methods


A billboard is a large outdoor advertising structure found on highways and busy roads which presents highly visible advertisement to passing pedestrians and drivers. A billboard could be digital (advertising different brands after a few seconds on the screen) or non-digital (customized and posted for your product alone). Note that not all brands or products work well or should be advertised with a billboard.  Businesses that could be marketed successfully on a billboard with good results include restaurants, real estate, cleaning services, a gym, schools, day care centers, and many more.

Radio advertising

This is the process of marketing your brand on radio stations. Radio marketing is cheaper than television adverts. All forms of business can be advertised on air. This is chosen because of the station’s ability to reach many listeners. Radios are cheaper and can run on batteries at any location, more people have them. This form of advertising has survived the old form of advertising because it is still very much in use today.

Television commercials

Clients are stimulated to purchase products when a captivating video is made with them in mind. This is a more direct form of marketing because consumers witness the products in action. Today, companies use public figures and celebrities to endorse their products, to acquire more customers influenced by these individuals. A lot of recent commercials practice endorsement marketing which can be influential. T.V commercials make loads of money via YouTube for big companies that can afford good promotion. This is another source of revenue for the business, thereby making TV commercials a multi-dimensional form of revenue generation.


Flyers are hard copies used to advertise products and services by reaching out to people physically. Before you think of using a flyer to market, you need to have a target. For instance, if you own a restaurant and it’s close to certain offices, you could generate flyers to share with them, with details for food delivery, and any other goods you offer.


Certain people do not believe what they see on the internet because of the fear of scams. Online reviews are sometimes inaccurate which is where word of mouth advertising comes into play. Targeted clients believes in a product if a friend has used it and shared good experiences about your brand.

New Marketing Technology

New Marketing Technology is digital and advanced, which has become the most recent and available means of marketing. These includes digital strategies such as SEO, PPC, Email marketing, and Content marketing, which have become prominent among preferred marketing tools in the world.

New Marketing Technology Methods

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a process of improving your website’s search engine ranking with content production, inbound link building, and your website’s navigation. In simple terms, SEO means making your website as visible as possible. Billions of people each year search for things via search engines and find information related to products or services. For businesses, high visibility on a search engine can lead to more customers coming to your site, viewing your products and services, and ultimately leading to more revenue. Clear communication on your site can help your SEO to result in a boost in traffic to your website.

PPC (Pay-per-click advertising)

PPC is another form of inbound marketing that is budget friendly. Pay-per-click describes the strategy perfectly. Instead of focusing on the number of people who see your advert, the target is based on how many people click to view your advert. PPC is an online method of marketing which enables the advertiser to place adverts online and pay a fee only when a visitor clicks to view the advert.  It is a way of buying visits to your site rather than attracting them organically. PPC advertising is extremely targeted. You can specify who can view your adverts based on location, keywords, interest, gender, language, including the type of device.

Content marketing

This strategy refers to the production of content including articles, pages, blogs, infographics, and even videos to attract customers to your website. Content marketing works together with SEO since the production of informative content can help your website rank better on the search engine results page.

Email marketing

Emails enables you connect with clients. It is more effective than Facebook and Twitter in getting new customers.

Email Marketing

Here are some steps you can use when starting email marketing.

Choose an email platform: When making a choice, it is helpful to consider the number of emails you will send each month. As well as the number subscribers, design/testing capabilities, list maintenance/automation features, and if the platform includes result monitoring

Build your email list: It is advisable not to buy your email list. This can lead to high bounce rates, low conversions and frustrated subscribers who may not know why they are receiving your emails. You would want an email list that is full of quality subscribers who are interested in your products and services. You can start earning subscribers by adding sign-up forms in key places on your website such as your website header. Other ways to earn email subscribers is to include a dedicated landing page where people can learn and opt in to receiving them. Requesting for extra information like a phone number or website can help weed out unqualified subscribers; but note that too many fields can keep people from subscribing.

Create your emails: Now that you have your email platform and subscribers, it’s time to start creating your emails. Create emails such as newsletters which keep subscribers to know about product and service updates, industry news, promotions and more. It is best to personalize your emails based on your subscriber’s interests and make emails easy to read. Add images and videos to engage subscribers, increase your email clicks and send valuable traffic to your website. Also ensure that subject lines and send times are tested. Do remember to always check your spellings.

The New or The Old

If you are considering getting rid of your old means of marketing, which strategic technique should you use? In order to answer these questions, you need to think about your business and its unique needs. Some businesses may choose television commercials while venturing into inbound marketing techniques which is fine. It however, takes some research to decide on which marketing technique works best for your company.

The use of flyers in local areas would be an option to raise awareness of special offers, promotions, sales and events. You could also end up giving these flyers to an uninterested individual. Therefore, choose a location, time, and your target to correlate with your product and services.

Regarding a billboard on the highway, you cannot specify who would see your message beyond the fact that they would be road users, both interested and uninterested people. However, with digital marketing, you can deliver your offers, website and business only to those you have identified as potential or even repeat clients. 

If you focus exclusively on digital marketing, you could also miss out on opportunities from non-digital marketing. Although we spend more time online with our smartphones, some customers still prefer the physical or non-digital approach.

Either way, focusing on just the product were in the past and more focus are on the consumer’s needs today. So, what you know for about your target customer can go a long way towards guiding you to the best marketing strategy, which in turn will translate ultimately into revenue for your business.

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