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Artificial Intelligence: How safe are human jobs in the future?

How safe are human jobs with the advancement of AI and machines? There isn’t enough fact to back up the futuristic superiority of Artificial Intelligence over manpower yet. While the World Economic Forum predicts that 85 million jobs would be lost to machines in 2025, it also says 95 million jobs would be created leading to an additional 12 million jobs.  This however is not a strong yes to saying humans are safe. In fact, we just might be far from it. A lot of upskilling may be required for employers to be well equipped for the future.

Artificial Intelligence has been readily navigating system independence through machine and deep learning. But would it ever get to a point where more humans would be relegated at this development? Which brings us back to the question of “how safe are human jobs in the future?”

Artificial intelligence and human brain.

Did we get to comfortable in the hands of machines?

Technology has been created to solve human problems and make life easier. Perhaps we might have gotten too comfortable in the hands of machines. And no! I am not talking about Will Smith’s iRobot, but where is the lie? Cars can now drive themselves and let’s not even talk about Alexa and Siri. These are just the very least of the machine’s independence. Some experts are of the opinion that rather than take human jobs, more jobs would be created to aid the new development; i.e. Humans would be needed for the advancement to be swift.

Other experts are only scared for those in white collar sector, especially data management, as AI has bested humans in terms of Algorithms. Companies like Spotify, Instagram and other social platforms are now mechanized. There is really no telling how much this technology would grow or how exactly it would be applied in the future. But one thing is certain, a change is coming and no one knows what direction it would take. However, understanding the complexity and trend of AI comes with a lot of basics in what the advancement stands for.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a sophisticated technological term that best explains any computer software, which engages in humanlike activities including learning, planning, and problem solving without human intervention. These machines are equipped with the data and information needed to carry out these activities through certain forms of learning. It’s like teaching a child to carry out activities, just that this time, the performance of the child depends on how much data he/she can process.

How Artificial Intelligence Works

The machine in this case is the child. The data and information is what is needed for machines to perform autonomously. For example, Smart cars through the use of the Internet of Things absorb information and data picked by their sensors like adjusting for speed bumps or avoiding objects in front of them. Smart cars are also connected to other smart cars as they communicate with each other, avoiding and informing each other of accidents and certain crashes.

Companies like Tesla, Waymo and Voyage amongst others already operate such a system. It is safe to say drivers are already losing their jobs in smart cities. To say the least, the new iOS 14 map application uses sensors to warn drivers on speed limits, hazards and accidents. iPhone users on iOS 14 gives the Map app information through notifying the app of what is ahead, this information is now used to warn users driving way behind. The map only reports a situation when it is certain based on the amount of information gotten on a particular report. These machines actually go through series of training to continue to adjust as is required by the user. The brilliance of an Artificial Intelligence system is determined through Machine learning and deep learning.

How does artificial intelligence works?

Machine Learning

This is the most common mode of artificial intelligence and it simply involves machines being put to the test, to process very large amounts of data quickly. These machines master the process over time and get better eventually. A strong level of network and data transfer is needed. The machine is perceived in a human context and machines can also be discarded if the algorithm observes that some are working at a reduced capacity. Simpler artificial intelligence machines have been created through these means like manufacturing plants connected to a central location to aid production. Machine learning is an old form of training; artificial neural networks otherwise called “nodes” have taken the process to a different level by taking part in what we now know as “Deep Learning”.

Machine learning.

Deep Learning

This form of training is multi-dimensional and non-linear in nature. The advent of smart cars has been produced through deep learning. This mode is needed to increase the level of data transferred, thereby increasing the performance of the machine. This is essentially needed to train machines with advanced functions through the use of an interconnected web of artificial intelligence called “nodes”. Deep learning most certainly creates machines that are more independent and has been more in use in recent times. The future will be seeing more of this mode of learning if Artificial Intelligence ever dominates the technological world.

Deep learning.

Artificial Intelligence In Business

Quite frankly, maybe machines need to slow down because humans need a break. Businesses can’t deny the importance of machine development in daily modes of operation. And with each breakthrough made in technology, businesses have already adopted different forms of technology. Maybe not to a point of it being a threat but for necessary business growth and performance. Some tasks are done faster and easier with the use of machines. This has been traditionally seen in the early years of the computer’s induction into businesses for better results. Today the impact has made it practically indispensable in some cases. This was seen in the Anderson Cancer Center in 2013. A program called “moon shot” was established to diagnose and prescribe treatment for certain forms of cancer. The form of diagnosis and treatment used IBM’s cognitive systems. 

Artificial intelligence in business

The exorbitant cost of the project, amounting to $62 million, later led to the project being abandoned. Therefore, it was never carried out on patients but cognitive technology was still being used to carry out tasks. Tasks like: making hotel and restaurant recommendations for patients and families, as well as solving other I.T issues. This system led to better customer satisfaction, swift services, and general company performance including financial growth. Though the AI wasn’t used on patients, the firm still maintains their stand on cognitive technology. The next generation of Artificial Intelligence is predicted to enhance cancer treatment.

Meanwhile, businesses are more interested in lower cognitive technology usage at the moment, saying it enhances business performances.

Artificial intelligence possesses wider decision-making abilities when compared to a normal softwares. The difference in automated functionalities clearly shows in their value to the businesses.

Threats Faced by Humans in Business

The positive upsurge of Technology in recent times has been a societal necessity, but it might just come to haunt humans later. Artificial Intelligence is now playing a vital role in different sectors of cyber security, customer relationship management, daily modes of operation, data collection, and financial records. These sectors account for just Artificial Intelligence on small tasks without the use of robots. Robots on the other hand complete the process with heavy machine lifting, which further narrows human chances for job survival. The activities of machines in these areas and more, might threaten the population of humans needed for tasks in the future. With unemployment already high, can humans afford to add machines to the list as a cause for redundancy? Hopefully, we would only aid the process and not bow to it.

Robots working with headset.

Cyber Security

This technology is excellent at spotting holes in the computer system. This happens to be one of the areas where this technology has been mostly utilized. With the recent concerns of hackers and fraudulent activities, Artificial Intelligence is now the wall between users and malicious individuals. “You really can’t have enough cyber security experts to look at these problems because of the scale and increasing complexity, Artificial Intelligence is playing an increasing role here as well” said Amir Husain CEO of machine learning company SparkCognition.

Cyber security.

Customer Relationship Managements

As the name implies, CRM is a technological advancement made to update data and information required to better satisfy customers in different ways to enable Customer Retention. This is a wide perspective related to Artificial Intelligence due to its application in various ways. However, software like Zoho does require human intervention but performs at its best for relationship management when automated.

Customer relationship management.

Daily Modes Of Operation

Certain experts predict that Artificial Intelligence would be employed in restaurants and hotels, to determine the kinds of music to play when customers walk in, or control and operate food makers, etc. Imaginations can only run wild when you think of what machines can do with their already proven solid record. Artificial Intelligence could also automatically change the restaurant’s wallpaper to suit different events and moods. This is just a tip of the iceberg for the food sector. A lot has been promised with 3D experience taking over 2D mode of technological operation.

Daily mode of operation.

Views have varied, opinions have been trashed, but scientists and engineers keep improving this machines. The promising impact of Artificial Intelligence is a change that is certain but also a sword that could cut unpredictably. Born out of a necessity to solve more societal problems, Artificial Intelligence could take over, making us wonder, how safe are human jobs in the future?

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