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December 4, 2021
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Why You Should Own A Food truck Business In Nigeria

If you have been thinking of starting your own food truck business then you have your head in the game. Food experts estimate the food truck business to be worth $1billion in the future. And we still don’t have enough food trucks in the country. Call it a walking food box or a yellow painted food bus. However way you address this opportunity, it needs a call to action. Own a food business that is mobile and renders premium quality all in one. But first you have to know why you should own a food truck business in Nigeria.

Food truck businesses are a dynamic way to sell food, a true sophistication. Consumers visit food trucks to buy and take back home. Except the food truck owner moves with a few sits and tables that allow few customers to eat on the spot. The cost implications of owning a food business are half the normal cost of owning one with a normal location. That’s why a food business could be seen as a means of starting small, but sometimes covers more grounds than a traditional restaurant. It literally does cover more ground.

Why you should own a food truck business in Nigeria.

Basic Steps Of Owning A Food Truck Business

i) Redesign Your Truck Scene

This isn’t painting your truck. In fact at this stage you haven’t gotten the food truck. This is simply creating your how you want your truck scene to be. You may need to make research on different food truck businesses and how their environment looks.

Things to consider here include;

  • A rough sketch of your truck scene.
  • The budget allocation for it.
  • Researching on other food trucks.
  • Browsing restaurant ideas.
  • Mapping out your route and space, to park and sell around the city.
  • Observing the busiest areas where your services might be needed.
Redesign your truck scene.

ii) Buy that food truck!

Yes! It is time to buy that food truck. Do not think about it too much because it is well affordable. Food trucks cost way lesser than owning a location for your business.

A second hand food truck cost anywhere between 300,000-500,000naira, while a new truck may cost between 3,000,000 naira and above, depending on the size.

It is advised to hire or rent which could cost 100,000-200,000 naira for rent and 50,000-100,000 for hire purchase.

Do not forget food trucks can be purchased; hire-purchased or rented just the same way buildings can be acquired.

Things to consider here include

  • You decide what mode of truck acquisition you would prefer.
  • You decide if you can afford a new or an old truck
  • Finalise necessary documents related to any mode of acquisition.
Buy that food truck.

iii) Now Think Of Your Food Truck Concept

This is where you unleash every artistic prowess in your possession. Now you have gotten the truck, you have to design it in line with your company culture.

Things to consider;

Redesign your food truck.

iv) Buy your equipment   

Being ready for business means access to the right tools for the job. You must acquire the right tools needed for proper execution of your food idea. You would need to buy the full kit if necessary. Or purchasing the ones you need at first, before other purchase.

The full kit includes

  • Cooking equipment.
  • Warming and holding equipment.
  • Food prep equipment.
  • Serving tools.
  • Refrigeration tools.
  • Janitorial equipment.

Why You Should Own A Food truck Business

They are standout reasons reasons as far as food truck business goes. The dynamics of owning such a business are addressed below,

1)You Always Have The Perfect Location

Traditional restaurants do not have the liberty of mobility. That is why consumers always know where to find them which is a good advantage for normal restaurants. But food trucks that don’t have a particular location can alternate perfect locations. This includes driving to get the best spots in town at will. Worthy research must have been done in relation to designing your truck scene to know the best locations around. It allows you know where all the hot spots are, so take advantage of that information.


2) Free Truck Adverts

A Food truck is a moving billboard. Businesses spend a lot of money on advertising the brand, which in turn increases revenue. The truck without extra advert fee can carry out these advertisements. Trucks that do delivery for businesses make the brand known by driving round town. A food truck advertises while satisfying customers at the same time.

Free truck adverts.

3) Experiment

This is not a normal eatery and so things are done quite differently. Food truck owners are allowed to make deep variations to menu. Customers can come to see a new recipe that wasn’t served yesterday. Although, certain recipes may be sold on demand, but food trucks have fun while experimenting.


4) Food Trucks Keep Cost At A Minimum

As earlier stated food truck businesses tend to minimize cost when compared to normal restaurants. And running a food truck business allows you save extra money for other things in the business.

Minimizes cost.

5) Serves As A Second Food Outlet For Traditional Restaurant

A food truck can be used for diversification. Because a traditional restaurant may be looking for a way to diversify services. And in that regard Food trucks can take the business to locations they normally don’t have market strength. They can serve as delivery vans for the traditional restaurant as well as being used to make quick meals.

Added outlet for traditional restaurants.

The food business is still open for dominance and the food truck is very much a good way to start. Just in case you ever wondered why you should own a food truck business in Nigeria, remember this article as your friendly guide to that final business decision.

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This is a dream I intend to put in reality making Food accessible, and seeing people happy after a good meal the ability to show love and show my talent… So this article is really appreciated it has giving more reasons to pursue my dream.. . Thank you Mr Hassan Oiku.


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