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5 Netflix Shows Every Black Woman Entrepreneur Must Watch

Women rule now. It is the 21st century and we have more and more businesses owned by black women. Women have now made it clear that they cannot only own businesses but can do it successfully. The emancipation of women, which includes equal rights and removal of gender segregation from businesses and behavioural patterns, speaks loads in this day and age. Women now own many huge companies. There is therefore no such thing as a bad time to write on the 5 Netflix Shows Every Black Woman Entrepreneur Must Watch.

Hidden Figures Analogy

The world of entertainment has long created movies that laid focus on Black Woman power and injustice. Just like in the movie titled ‘Hidden Figures’. Hidden Figures isn’t a Netflix show or even just an entrepreneurial movie. However, the movie speaks about three African-American mathematicians that were vital in launching John Glenn into orbit by NASA. 

These women were never actually credited for their efforts. The movie featured Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer & Janelle Monae. These black women played the roles of real African-American mathematicians; Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughan. 

In the 1950s, NASA desegregated bathrooms and dining facilities, which is shown in the movie. 

One scene shows Katherine running back and forth in the rain to make use of the colored bathroom.

Hidden Figures.

 “There are no colored bathrooms here, or anywhere except the west campus” She once said, while in tears. “And I work like a dog living off a pot of coffee the rest of you don’t want to touch”. On hearing this Harrison walks over to the west campus, and with a sledgehammer, destroys the bathroom sign and says, “Here at NASA, we all pee the same colour”. 

Hidden Figures isn’t the only movie that speaks about what black women had to put up with every day to make it. Netflix seems to understand this with its shows that Every Black Woman Entrepreneur Should Watch.

Netflix Shows

These 5 Netflix shows were not just made to entertain, but also to teach. A lot of these shows are educational programs and documentaries made to assist the watcher in learning something new. The shows help people explore an alternate perspective.

She Did That

She did that’ is a documentary that highlights the efforts of Black women entrepreneurs. The film is about the escapades of four Black Women Entrepreneurs who once again show that it can be done. 

‘She did it’ focuses on the funding gap for women of colour. According to the movie, “There are approximately 1.9million Black Women-owned firms that employ over 376,500 staffers and generate $51.4 billion in total revenues”. This film also shows what exactly drives Black Women to turn stumbling blocks into profit. 

It features intelligent talks with the four amazing entrepreneurs– Luvvie Ajayi, Lisa Price, Melissa Butler, & Tonya Rapley. These are actual people with real-life experience of how to break out of the norm. This is another testimony of the successes of Black Women in Entrepreneurship.

She Did That.

Lion Heart

Looking forward to proving her worth, a daughter stands up to take control of her Father’s company. Her father, Chief Ernest Obiagu steps down due to health problems. Because of the father’s incapacity to run the business, all is left in the hands of Adaeze Obiagu and her brother, Godswill Obiagu. 

This blockbuster movie features Nigeria’s very own Genevieve Nnaji who also directed the movie. Other cast members include Pete Edochie, Nkem Owoh, Onyeka Onwenu, Peter Okoye, Chibuzor Azubuike (also known as Phyno) & Kanayo O. Kanayo. Lionheart is a Nigerian movie, which premiered at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival in Canada. 

Lionheart tells us about a big transport company in the eastern part of the country, Nigeria. Chief Obiagu loves Adaeze since she is brave, intelligent, & skilled in running a business effectively. 

His son Obiora is the direct opposite of a business-minded individual and is more interested in music. Adaeze goes on to make a lot of sacrifices to save Lion Heart.

Lion Heart.

Roxanne Roxanne

Roxanne Roxanne is the story of Roxanne Shante. This is the story hip-hop fans of the 80s have long anticipated. Shante at age 14 made an impact in the music world as one of the most talented rap battle emcees in New York. 

We know men dominate the music industry, but that is not something Shante believes in. Shante was a fierce teenager living in Queens Bridge; she worked hard to put food on the table for her family. She also had to defend herself in the streets. 

This 2017 film was written & directed by Micheal Larnell. Roxanne Roxanne stars Chante Adams as Roxanne Shante and Taliyah Whitaker as the young Roxanne.

Roxxanne Roxxanne


An intimate conversation with Michelle Obama cannot go wrong. Michelle Obama wrote this book and then made a documentary about it. Michelle is a leader and a woman that all black women look up to. Having an almost perfect image of Michelle Obama comes with many responsibilities as she lets us into her life. The former first lady of the United States published the book in 2018. The book contains deep personal experiences. 

Michelle speaks of her time at the White House, her public health campaign, her roots, and how she found her voice. For a woman this successful, it’s a must-watch for all black women.


Self-Made- Madam C Walker

‘Self-made’ is a film that appeals directly to black women. Based on the true events of Madam C.J Walker, the series tells the story of one black woman to whom we all owe gratitude. In the 1990s, C.J Walker became America’s first female millionaire. She attained this height with her hair care business. 

Octavia Spencer plays the role of C.J Walker. Octavia Spencer always gets it right with her performances in movies based on true events as she replicated the life of the actual character in the film ‘Self-Made’. The series also stars Tiffany Haddish, Carmen Ejogo, Kevin Carrol, Garret Morris & Blair Underwood.


These 5 Netflix shows come with a lot of vital information that we all could use in our entrepreneurial lives. Books and movies have ways of impacting us. Women around the world need to keep in touch with already made folks, and they can do that through these 5 Netflix shows that every black woman entrepreneur must watch.

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