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6 Tips on Time Management

Time waits for no one so ensure that you make the most of what you have. Time management is simply planning and controlling the time you spend on activities, but some of us find this hard to do. To avoid complaining about not having enough time to do certain things due to workload, here are a few tips on time management. 

You are in control of your time

The first thing we should know while managing time is that it is within our control and we can choose what we want to do with it. Yes, God is in charge of our time, but he has given us the power to make the most of it. Some of us feel we don’t have time to do stuff, but the truth is that at any given moment, we are doing what we most want to do. For instance, I created time to write this content because that’s what I want to do. I also created time to play with my friend because I wanted to do it too. When I say “I do not have time to work out today” it’s very likely that it’s because I just didn’t make out time to work out. If you do not have the time to do a thing, it is because it’s not a priority. 

Agree or Disagree:

Being young without so many life opportunities could make us agree to anything that comes our way; but as soon as we get to a point where we begin to get more inbound leads than our available time, train ourselves to say yes or no to certain things. For example, if I get an email from someone for a collaboration and I am unsure if I want to do it, it’s easier to say no and vice versa. If you know you can’t fit it into your schedule or it won’t be so much of a benefit to you, just decline to avoid regrets in the future. Learn to be ok with saying “No” to stuff. 

Daily Highlight:

In time management, the idea here is to decide what you are more likely to achieve every day. Pick a highlight for the day and get done with it the same day. Achieving your objective for the day will make you happy and move you on to the next thing. If you do not set your daily highlight (the thing you want to do that day), you could get confused at the end of the day, and it would be harder to achieve. Just start with having that one thing that you are focusing on achieving for the day.

Use a to-do list:

Get a physical to-do list (notes), where you write all you have to do. For a daily to-do list, it is advisable to make your list at night or the day before and place it where it would be easy for you to see all you want to achieve as soon as you begin your day in the morning. As you achieve a task, tick or cross them off with a pen. It does not matter the method you use for a to-do list, but there’s a general principle of productivity which is that our brain is for getting ideas, not holding them; and the reason why we forget stuff when it comes to managing our time is that we have not written them down. Writing and crossing off a task on a physical paper feels good. Don’t make your list overdue, try as much as possible to get it done with. 

Time blocking: 

The idea is to put a block of your pending tasks on your mobile calendar. This is also in collaboration with a daily highlight, i.e. scheduling your daily activity on the calendar. This is reassuring as it means that the one thing you’ve chosen to be important is going to get done because it is always on the schedule. Yea, I know you’re thinking “Can’t I do more than 1 thing per day?”. Yes, you can, and that is why you have your to-do list. But imagine if every single day for a year, you could do one thing per day; you’ll make a lot of progress over the year. 


This is a different time management tip because it requires money to work, i.e. hiring someone and paying the person. Before you go into this, think about the value of your time and how much your time is worth. Analyze your time’s worth and check if you can outsource work to someone else and afford to pay for it. It would enable you to better manage your time. This principle of delegation will encourage you to get domestic help, and with that, your time is invested in something else other than thinking of how to similarly cope with a messy house. You could also delegate some of your work to virtual assistants and freelancers. This will free up your time and add more value to the business than doing data entry for example. Whatever your circumstance is, I would encourage you to think about the worth of your time and check if you can delegate stuff that’s cheaper than your time. 

Protected Time: 

Finally, while trying to achieve your task, also create time for yourself. Have some interrupted time where you can do whatever you want. Have some time where you can think about the business or do the things that will help you move forward. It does not necessarily have to be about business or career, you could use your protected time to relax. If you’re interested in this, schedule your protected time for when you can be alone; when no one is allowed to book something on your schedule. 

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