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October 22, 2021
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10 Tips That Keep An Entrepreneur Healthy

     An apple a day keeps the doctor away and the entrepreneur in shape. Entrepreneurs are steadily creating, promoting their brands, and the many other things entrepreneurs do. So, while it is essential to have a good life as a perfect reflection of success, it is also crucial to be healthy. The study of entrepreneurship shows one how to engage in this area. It would also teach the importance of entrepreneurial health. Hence, 10 tips to keep an entrepreneur healthy.

The most common problems people who do a lot of work face are not even work-related. Stress accounts for most entrepreneurial health problems. A healthy entrepreneur who follows certain tips do not make these mistakes; getting less than the minimum amount of sleep, excessive sitting, and a poor diet. 

An entrepreneur should also find time to partake in certain activities that boost their mental as well as physical health.

It is important to keep in shape. The bite of the apple in this context is every step or certain tips an entrepreneur takes towards being healthy. These 10 tips would go a long way in keeping entrepreneurs in the right frame of mind for the strenuous journey to success.

1) Improve What You Eat

It’s critical to develop good eating habits. Focusing on junk food or roadside foods is not the best. An entrepreneur must take this tip seriously. You are a product of what you eat; your weight, height, level of energy, etc.

Eating hours also matter, eating at an odd time like midnight or 1 pm affects your weight. This is also serious because an entrepreneur needs to always be on the move. If you eat properly, you move faster.

Improve what you eat.

2) Have A sleep Schedule

The human body needs at least 8 hours of sleep each day. While some entrepreneurs are nightcrawlers others happen to be early birds. Whatever kind of human you are, structure your work pattern in a way that lets you sleep at a certain time and wake up at another.

For example, if you regularly sleep at 8 pm and wake up by 4 am to continue your work, at 8 pm every day your body would be expecting to rest and then continue by 4 am. The body respects the sleeping pattern the entrepreneur has decided to create. Therefore, when you pick a sleeping pattern, stick to it.

Sleep schedule.

3) Take A Break and Move Around

The law of entropy (as it applies to entrepreneurs) advises businesspersons to draw energy from their surroundings/environment. Entrepreneurs often work for long hours, while sitting at their desks. It is important that you take a break to stretch parts of your body. One needs to breathe a different kind of air thereby refreshing their minds to generate new ideas. Taking a walk literally, once in a while from work is important.

Take a break.

4) Do light exercises

I know you were probably wondering when we would get to this part. Exercises directly reflect a whole section of keeping in shape. Humans need to exercise. Entrepreneurs can walk or do light jogs around the house. If possible it would go a long way for one to own a treadmill or any small exercise equipment for working out which can also inspire creativity. Exercise helps in boosting metabolism. The benefits are many and you stand a lot to gain by working out.

Do light exercise

5) Get A Massage

This is closely related to exercising in terms of physical health. Getting a massage helps entrepreneurs relax and feel good. After weeks of executing deals, steady interaction with executives, or even developing a new product, it is important you find time to relax. One of the best ways to relax is to get a massage, go to a spa if necessary. Though a visit to a spa should not break the bank, money well spent isn’t a waste of funds. But if you can access such activities at home, then why not? 

Get a massage.

6) Meditate

In-between jobs every day try to make out time to communicate with you. Communication with people matters a lot and so does touching base with yourself. Meditation can be done in 30 minutes or an hour. Depending on the amount of time allocated to it, that is based on interest. 

Play a piece of calming music, sit in a comfortable position and reflect. Think of what you have done, where you are, and where you are headed. It is good to connect with your inner strength. Meditating is also an important step to take for your mental health which is also important. So talk to yourself, it works.


7) Take Weekend Vacations

Reserving the weekend for yourself is not too much to ask. 

Resting your mind and most importantly having fun isn’t outdated. All work and no play make Jackline/Jack a dull entrepreneur. It may not be every weekend. It is important to spend time away from work. So make out time with your family and friends to have fun.


8) Take A Walk and Communicate With People

We already stated the importance of taking a break and moving around. We also talked about communicating with you. It is also good to take a walk and communicate with business partners, friends, and even family members. Some of the greatest ideas and innovations were born out of regular conversations. It’s about communicating with people who have a lot to bring to contribute intellectually. People that make you better with every talk. So take a walk and socialize with them.

Communicate with people.

9) Drink More Water

“Water, e no get enemy” according to popular Nigerian Legend, Fela Anikulapko Kuti. It is often said that drinking water makes you mind your business because you would be too busy using the bathroom. Well, drinking enough water also keeps you healthy in many ways. Excreting much of the waste in the body is one of the benefits of drinking water. Water also keeps you hydrated. 

Hydration is required for almost every task the body carries out. So embrace this and drink more water.

Drink more water.

10) Be More Sociable

This isn’t even related to taking a walk or getting ideas from talking to business partners. This is simply serving a compliment to a young lady on the other side of the road or telling the gentleman in a “Black Tuxedo” how amazing he looks this morning. These little things go a long way in making sure people have a splendid day. Being happy is underrated because a happy man is a healthy man. So give more compliments and smile and respond appropriately when you receive one.

Be more sociable.

Entrepreneurs need to key into a healthy lifestyle. It is great to have money and all kinds of success but being healthy is something that your money often can’t buy. It is said that “health is wealth”. So stay in shape. 

These 10 tips exist to keep an entrepreneur healthy. Being healthy is the first step to success.

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