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Employee qualities to look out for before hiring.

8 Employee Qualities To Look For When Hiring

Do you know the number of people behind Elon Musk’s successful career? Or you think Jeff Bezos’s supreme reign as the richest man in the world was a position he earned without any help? There are people behind the scene working to get the job done, making the company break-even, set new records with sales, enhance product development and revenue, etc. These groups of people responsible for jointly taking a company to new heights with day-to-day efforts are known as employees. They are specifically picked by the employers to make sure that the company or business is run by competent and enthusiastic individuals. So the human resource department needs to put into consideration these 8 employee qualities to look for when hiring a person.  

Employees & Customers

Imagine you are at a resort with your friends for the first time. Returning to that establishment is based solely on the way you were treated. This comes even before the quality of the product or the service. Tying service to employee’s behaviour is similar, but not the same.

Service is what the establishment renders. For example, a spa hires masseuses for its clients who want massages. That is the service they offer. A customer’s behavior can be based on the way a certain employee treats her/him. This is tricky because one person’s mistake can make the company suffer.

The customer that was wrongly treated can assume that the employees behave similarly and lack necessary qualities. So when that customer leaves the establishment, he first tells his friends that came with him about his dissatisfaction. His friends tell other friends and so the multiplier effect begins. The company would now suffer due to the situation single-handedly constructed and carried out by one employee in the company. The Human Resource Department is hereby responsible for this occurrence. That is why an employee needs to be screened for other qualities and not just on an intellectual basis. 

Employees and Customer

Employment Qualities To Look Out For

Human resources are the most important aspect of a company’s growth. This is no attempt at taking the credit away from the founder, or the top managers of the company. But the employees are the ones that carry out all jobs, thus contributing to the well-being of the business.

The going-concern of an establishment suffers if the employees lack certain qualities. The company becomes one with issues that competitors can use against the company. Let’s put these formalities aside.

These employee qualities range from intellect to communication to passion. An employee may not have all 8 qualities because I mean he’s only human. It is although advisable that an employee possesses an average maximum including communication skills.

1) Ability To Solve Problems

No business owner wants to see the person he puts in charge fumble on certain cases. An employee must possess the necessary ability to immediately solve problems. That is why employees were hired in the first place; to take the weight off the owner’s shoulders. Employees should carry out tasks in a manner that delights the management. Every move should in the end translate into more sales and revenue for the company.

Problem solver.

2) Communication Is Everything

As hinted earlier, effective communication both in writing and verbally is an important quality. The right communication skill employed on a customer buys their loyalty instantly. Communication is encouraged because it is the only means of passing information both internally and externally. Employees communicate with customers as well as managers of the company. It is a skill from which no one can shy away. So you won’t be making a mistake by looking for this skill in every employee.


3) Teamwork

It is a collective effort that sets the ball rolling in an efficient manner. Employees need to understand that they are not in competition with each other but with their rivals. The only way to be ahead is with a unified staff with everyone doing their job in the best way possible, covering areas designated to them. That way, operations run smoothly. Unity in the workplace can guarantee productivity. There are thousands of cases where malice or hate affected productivity. It is not healthy for the employees and the business. Work as a team, and you would be heavily rewarded. 


4) Adaptability 

An employee’s ability to adapt to situations reflects directly on the company’s performance. I want you to see employees as parts of a robot; they make the robot move and perform necessary tasks. So if some parts of the robot do not function properly, the robot would not be fully functional. An employee’s ability to adapt to change can directly affect a company’s ability to succeed; singular efforts make up the overall rating. 


5) Passion

Certain things keep a businessperson in business. One difference between some employees and others is the level of passion. Some employees are only after a salary. Well, don’t be the company that employs an individual that just wants to get paid. It becomes clear when the company is going through a hard time, and the money isn’t flowing, as it should. The employee’s performance would be negatively affected and that means the business would suffer for it. Employees should have a certain amount of love for what they do. 


6) Leadership skill

Business owners want to be able to take a day off. Owners want to know that the individuals in charge can compose themselves in the manner prescribed by the management before employing them. Employees would be doing the right thing if they readily improve on their leadership skills. It comes with a lot of benefits like consideration for advancement.


7) Ambitious 

While it is not encouraged to be overly ambitious, it is good to have ambition. These qualities show employees that are ready to take on a higher challenge and meet the target specified. It’s beneficial for companies to possess employees that want to get better every day. It goes a long way to improve the company, making it better than it was. A certain level of ambition is good.


8) Integrity

In the corporate world, the stakes are high. Wrongdoers have no place. Integrity means you are true to yourself, as well as to others. Such individuals do not indulge in bad behavior such as being fraudulent, stealing, and other ways that can lead to loss of trust. Good employees are not found wanting in certain areas and are trusted by the management.


An employee with these 8 qualities will always stand a greater chance of being hired by the employer.

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