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6 Free Blogs To Boost Your Business Online Presence

Blogs help you own your own space on the Internet. They can be used for different purposes and allow for various styles of execution. Online space is needed to carry out businesses in today’s technological world. And Blogs do not only fill in for businesses that cannot afford the cost of operating a website with a standard domain name but also do so in a manner that is flexible and easily operated without considerable technical know-how. So if you need an online space for your business then try out these 6 free blogs that provide online services your business might need.

These free blogs for your business vary in methods of usage but offer the same kinds of services to the user. They include allowing you to post for free, creating your link to share on social pages, giving you a landing page for customers to look through, getting you an online space to save all your business information, etc. They also allow users to continue to post until they need to move to an upgraded package if needed by the business.

The Blogs

Contained here are the different blog sites a business owner can use to promote his/her business online. Each blog site has its advantages and disadvantages. Business owners are consequently advised to carefully weigh their blogging options and go for a blog that provides what their businesses need with little or no complications. Because the blogs are free for your business doesn’t mean you should choose just anyone. Kindly select blogs according to the need of your business.

1) Word Press

Word press is one of the most used blog sites today. The site started in 2003 and is reportedly said to power more than 41% of all websites on the Internet. It is also important to note the difference between and Word press operates both but more attention should be paid to for the purpose of this article, as it is an open-source free blogging platform that allows you to build a free website in a short time.



  • Users are allowed control over every aspect of their website with
  • Word press also gives users the chance to make money while blogging by allowing you to grow your blog with extra features like forums, online stores, paid memberships, and sell online courses. 
  • Word press comes with built-in customisation tools that also allow users full control of the design functions. You would be able to beautify your website with tons of free themes available on word press.


  • It might take some time to fully understand the operating system used by word-press.
  • The user must carry out security and other forms of backup.

2) Wix

Wix is also another popular option when it comes to hosting platforms to build websites. Wix provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder for users. Small business owners can create a webpage for their business for free without any coding skills or knowledge with Businesses can use the opportunity to customize a landing page for their business. It was founded in 2006 and now has over 110 million users worldwide.



  • Wix allows you to easily customize your sites by utilising dozens of templates and third-party apps.
  • Get creative with your site using an easy drag-and-drop tool, which can be done with no coding skills required.
  • This platform also has an easy-to-use interface.


  • Wix gives you a free account for a limited time.
  • The platform also showcases their brands and other ads on your site if your package is free.
  • The third-party apps available for free are also limited.

3) Blogger

Google makes Blogger available and it is a free blogging service that allows non-tech users to create easy blog posts. It is regarded as one of the earliest blogs and was reportedly first launched in 1999. Later in 2003, it was acquired by Google allowing easy access for users with Google accounts.



  • The platform is free
  • It doesn’t require technical know-how and is easy to use.
  • Blogger also has the advantage of Google’s robust secure platform and reliability.


  • Users are limited to simple blogging tools, with no access to new features even as your blog grows.
  • Blogger third-party templates are often low quality.

4) Squarespace

This blog platform is quite similar to Wix in terms of drag-and-drop web builders used to create web pages. It also comes recommended for small businesses that are looking to increase their online presence. Squarespace started in 2003 and now controls millions of websites on the Internet.



  • Square space has beautifully created professional templates.
  • It also separately offers domain names with SSL/HTTPS as well as e-commerce stores.


  • Squarespace limits access to its features built into its proprietary/premium platform.
  • Integrations can only be done with a few services and tools.

5) Ghost

Ghost is designed majorly for writers and writing-related posts. This blogging platform started in 2013 and can be executed as a hosted platform or as software that can be installed and hosted by the user.



  • Ghost is more focused on blogging and writing.
  • It has a clean, clutter-free, and spontaneous user interface.
  • The platform is written in JavaScript, so it’s super-fast.


  • It is not easily customisable using apps.
  • You need knowledge of coding to have greater control of your Ghost site.

6) Medium 

This blog site is created for writers, bloggers, journalists, and all other experts in the field. It was launched in 2012 and operates like a social networking site where you can create your account and start publishing. After signing up, you would have a profile address like giving each user a distinctive and unique identifier.



  • Medium puts users in the best position to communicate in a community with similar users in the field.
  • It was designed more for writing which allows users to simply write, rather than first creating a web page.


  • Medium isn’t the best place for businesses as features are very reduced in terms of building and promoting a brand.
  • Just like most social media pages, medium owns your audience, so losing your blog means losing all your followers. 

Each blog creates an opportunity for businesses to have an online presence through all types of blog posts. But what’s more amazing is that business owners can do so at little or no extra cost to their businesses. This is why they need to be aware of these 6 free blogs that help boost your business online.

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