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Boost Business Sales With These Free 13 Advertising Tools

New business methodologies show that businesses have discovered a subtler and productive online style of operations. Advertising goods and services used to be more expensive, but today small businesses can carry out business campaigns to raise awareness for free. The Internet provides a safe and cost-effective means of putting your products/services out to the public. These 13 advertising tools are for businesses looking to increase sales and revenue. Free advertising tools can do a lot of good, especially for small businesses that cannot afford costly advertising.

1) Google My Business 

Businesses want to be on the first page of every related Google search. Google My Business has made that goal easy to achieve. Of course, the business must have already properly integrated its Search Engine Optimization. This tool is official business support by Google and allows you to advertise your business for free. This platform reportedly gives you the chance to be discovered within the 8 billion searches that happen daily on Google. While registering you can link your phone number and social media pages. You can also input information on the physical location for your business, which is then shown on Google map. 

Google my business.

2) Manta 

Manta is an advertising tool designed for small businesses. Manta has a range of new visitors every month and has a comprehensive database format including the business, industry segment, and geographic-specifics. They also possess a lot of optimising packages for users. If you own a small business, then try Manta for a free way to advertise online.


3) City Search 

Inhabitants of the city are always on the lookout for a new relaxation spot. City Search provides details of such locations, giving an opportunity for business owners in certain fields like hotels, restaurants, bars, and spas to benefit from its system.Such listings are made on the City Search mobile app. Businesses that are most preferred by users fall under the “best of” category. City Search is a good advertising platform for businesses specialized in rendering these kinds of services. It starts with registering your business and location.

City search.

4) MapQuest/Yext

Mapquest has now partnered with Yext to give business owners an even better experience. Now, the platform helps customers locate businesses easily and is also linked with Google Maps. Business owners can register their businesses alongside addresses and phone numbers that facilitate the identification of business spots.


5) Yellow Book

Get a chance to advertise on ‘Yellow Book” for a unique kind of business listing, that includes business information, website link, product description, map features, and provisions for video ads and other forms of visual display.

Yellow book.

6) Yellow Pages

 This platform draws 70 million+ visitors every year. It provides free listings and allows users to access premium services when businesses are ready to scale up their advertising demands. Registration is easy with Yellow Pages. 

Yellow pages.

7) White Pages

Just like the Yellow Page ads, White Pages provide similar services but in a slightly different way. Businesses registered on white pages can carry out text message services for clients and business owners. It also lists up to 30 million companies nationwide. 

White pages.

8) Yelp

One of the most famous platforms that allow for consumer feedback is Yelp. However, businesses on this online system can either benefit largely or fail immensely from open customer reviews. Although customer reviews are one of the yardsticks for measuring the quality of the business, they could also break the business. The demographics possessed by Yelp users are great and are recommended for business owners.


9) Super Pages

Super Pages provides exclusive services for business owners in terms of advertising. This platform has a business listing that is quite easy to navigate, including weather and lottery listings. The platform is also easily accessed through Facebook for quick sign-up.

Super pages.

10) Enroll Business

This web tool allows businesses to be enrolled on their list, through registration. It then places your business in strategic positions to be discovered by search engines. They provide free services as well as premium packages for users. 

Enroll business.

11) Kudzu

 Kudzu is designed to promote homeowners for renovations every year. The platform is said to accommodate and promote 20 million users annually. The registered profiles are entitled to marketing descriptions, photographs or videos of in-progress or completed work, coupons, professional affiliations, and accreditations. It also allows for reviews and ratings to help your business grow.


12) Hot Frog 

 This is an online directory that is built to push businesses to appear more on Google Search results. It provides a lot of options for satisfying business advertising needs through coupons and promotions to help increase business ranking and general online exposure.

Hot frog.

13) DexKnows

This is another online tool that monitors business ratings and reviews. DexKnows also allows business owners to know the level of engagement through customer data. In line with additional insights, DexKnows also provides various advertising opportunities both offline and online. This online advertising tool operates as a mobile app and is easy to use: allowing simple search methods, indicating favorites, and making reviews. It also uses GPS coordinates to help you locate your desired business spot.

Dex knows.

These free advertising tools help you promote your business online for free. Each tool has its features and should only be selected by your business if it fits your operations. Getting tied to the wrong advertising tool would not help your business grow due to specific audience listing. So pick one of these 13 free advertising tools, which would help in boosting your business sales through online exposure.

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