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Discover 7 amazing ways to attract new customers

Problems and societal needs offer the perfect opportunity for businesses to be created, solve these issues, and get paid for them. The aim is to create enough value in products and services to attract customers daily. These prospective customers keep the business alive, from simple patronage to loyal referrals. This means businesses need to enthusiastically discover ways to attract new customers for positive movement on the sales graph.

So if you own a business with the ever-pressing need of increasing your customer base, then here are certain tips that could be implemented in your business operations. However, attracting customers is just one phase of the business process; because customers must first be attracted, maintained, and retained. Hence to focus on ways to attract new customers to your small business. 

7 Ways To Attract New Customers

1) Concentrate on ideal customers

Every business revolves around the aspect that makes it unique, and such characteristics also involve the customers. The business owner must understand his niche, and can do so by knowing whom he produces for. Knowing your customers helps you better direct products and services to meet their needs.

So a company must first understand the target audience and then pump in products and services to cater to their needs. There is no need to provide products when you have not identified the set of people they are meant for. Certain things must be outlined such as demographics (age, culture, etc.) when identifying your ideal customer. So narrow down your search to your ideal customers rather than trying to cover a vast population or everyone.

Know your ideal customer.

2) Refresh customer discounts and promotions

Assuming a new business is trying to break into the market, the ideal customer wouldn’t just walk into your store without a reason. Some of your typical customers might like to try the new businesses. But the truth is humans become attached to a particular supplier because they are satisfied with the services provided by those businesses. So the question remains, what extras are you bringing to the table? Have you started your businesses with a fairly low price for the first 2-3 months? Are you giving a 50% discount on the 5th consecutive purchase by a customer?

Customers like to try out places that match not just their tastes but also their pockets, so give out discounts and promotions to attract customers. If your business can refresh discounts and promotions it would also be a good way to attract and retain customers.

Refresh customer discounts and promotions.

3) Referrals 

If a customer gets an amazing discount for purchase in your store, it is most likely that the customer would be excited and tell someone else. Referrals are one of the fastest ways to attract new customers to your business. Customers have conversations with friends, families, strangers, and a recommendation might pop up.

But instead of waiting for customers to refer others, you can integrate referral-generating activities into your sales process. Sending emails or messages to customers can do this. The first message could check their take on the discounted purchase they just received. And then, another message may request referrals. For example, “You could also tell a friend about our 20% off on hot dogs every Friday”. Instigating referrals would go a long way in boosting your business.


4) Update your products and services

It’s boring for some customers to be faced with the same products over time, without a change in concepts or presentation. One of the main reasons why customers buy products is due to the quality, but customers are also moved by a company’s constant innovation and creativity. The iPhone 12 by Apple, is a perfect combination of the new operating system and the old box-shaped iPhone 5. This creativity might just blow phone users’ minds, which may end up attracting users of other brands to patronize that product. So a company/business must try to update their products and services in a way that keeps existing customers and attracts new ones.

Update products.

5) Reconnect with old customers

If your business needs to attract new customers, you must keep in touch with the old and already existing customers. This can be done through quarterly checks on customers you haven’t seen in a while. A routine check every six months on customers that no longer patronize your business might just bring them back. Such messages can be carried out by mail and could also include updates on new products and services that now come at a discounted price. This may boost your customer retention technique.

Re-connect with old customers.

6) Network

This goes for every type of business, either small or multi-million dollar companies. Networking has always been an essential part of making the public aware of products. However, this doesn’t have to be done online through social media. Networking can also occur at a meet-and-greet, a golf game, or even a sports festival. Business owners must always look for the perfect opportunity to communicate their products/services to new people. The essence of this isn’t just to get new customers but to also get possible partners or sponsors. Networking is important for businesses.


7) Update your portfolio

A business portfolio simply consists of a blog, link directory, or website that contains information about your business and its products/services. It is the first place a prospective customer goes to for updates on your business. This may be as easy as an Instagram page for your business, but whatever you decide to use as a portfolio page, make sure it is updated regularly. Also make sure your portfolio page has a feedback channel, where new customers can ask questions and get immediate responses. This attracts customers that haven’t been in business with you before and boosts your chances for more customer interaction and purchases.

Update portfolio.

Attracting customers is vital for any business operation. It is why companies remain in business. So it is paramount that you discover new ways to attract customers to your business. But see these strategies as a base that can always be built on and upgraded, by looking out for new ideas to help attract customers to your business. 

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