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September 24, 2021
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7 Ways To Advertise Your Business For Free

In the grand scheme of business practice, people who are aware of a product are more likely to buy it. The process of making the product known is called advertising. Big companies invest huge sums for advertisements to remain top sellers. It’s quite a different approach for small business owners who leverage social media and animation videos. The Internet has made advertising much more bearable and cost-effective for businesses that cannot afford expensive advertising projects. Thus, making it possible to advertise your business for free.

A good advertisement is one of the main ways of attracting new customers. Unfortunately, ads can cost a lot and are often not used by small businesses. These free advertisement techniques are designed to fit the needs of businesses in a start-up phase. Or better still businesses that do not have much money to put into marketing. They are free and when used properly, put your business in the right position for sustainability. Instead of printing flyers, physical campaigns, and street awareness, one can use the various web opportunities available to businesses. These 7 ways to advertise your business online for free might be the right move for your firm.

`1) Harness Social Media 

The Internet’s most effective form of advertisement has come through social media. This is why business owners in recent times have had to study, understand, and make impeccable use of social media. The multitude of social media platforms available to businesses permits different styles of advertising. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. all have different operating systems. Notwithstanding, these main platforms allow for businesses to make the most from online ads and direct customer interaction, providing not only a stage for online exposure but also an opportunity for small businesses to be strategically placed in the market. Other forms of social media like LinkedIn allow for networking on a professional level, while others like Reddit Quora etc. are proven ways to increase sales through social interactions.

Social media.

2) Platforms by Search Engines

Search engines support businesses in different ways asides from search ranking. Google, Yahoo, and Bing have free services that can be accessed by businesses anywhere in the world. Google for instance owns a platform called Google Places, which doesn’t just rank the business high on Google searches but also makes it easier for the business to be found on Google map. It’s easy to use, just fill out a form and register, and get your business verified through certain verification processes that can be completed from your mobile phone. Yahoo and Bing also have similar services that provide the same support for businesses, at no extra cost.

Search engines.

3) SEO 

If your business isn’t easily found on the Internet, then this needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Higher search rankings give your business more credibility, awareness and help attract new customers. And you do not need a Search Engine Optimisation analyst to execute such ideas. Business owners can Google guidelines on “how to make any business rank higher on Google search”. It might take some time to understand and execute, but it works and should be tried.


4) Start a blog

Blogs help your business maintain a connection with your customers. If your business will not release or launch another product until the end of the year, a blog can help cover that time frame with regular posts and engagements about previous products or other information that appeals to your customers. The aim is to maintain a consistent figure for your business while engaging your customers with relatable posts. There are free blog sites that allow you to carry out these activities for as long as it takes to set up your company’s website. In a world filled with people with very short attention spans, a blog can keep your customers engaged as well as up-to-date on everything concerning your business.


5) Email Marketing

Email marketing is another way to keep customers engaged and updated through newsletters and other forms of email communication. 

It may require a lot of emails to customers, which can take some time to build and obtain. These emails can be accessed through the business’ landing page; in the subscribe section. This is channeled to the company’s customer base and subsequently used to email clients and customers via weekly newsletters containing engaging information or new product alerts that may require a call to action. 

Email marketing.

6) YouTube

Customers are also interested in things they can see about your products and services, and the best way to showcase this is through video. YouTube allows you to post all the short-ads, animation videos, and other adverts on your YouTube channel, which does keep the customers, entertained and gets them hooked on your product or service. The application is free but contains provisions for sponsored ads for your channel.


7) Online Community

Online communities contain tons of people searching for new information and other forms of up-to-date knowledge that might be beneficial to their lifestyle or needs. Being actively involved in communities made up of a lot of people would be beneficial for your business. Online forums are built differently for various trending options, which means an online community created for your kind of product and services would respond positively to your information, unlike unrelated communities. It is however advised to partake by conversing from time to time, rather than just posting only when it best suits your business. 

Online community.

Advertising is an accelerator for business growth through sales and other indicators. Proper advertisements might normally cost a lot for small businesses, especially a start-up. This means your business is not left out from benefiting due to these 7 ways to advertise your business for free.

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