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September 24, 2021
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8 Unusual Jobs That Pay Well Globally

The white-collar sector has been the usual target for many people. But you would be surprised at how much you could earn by offering a service that could be considered a little bit out of the “ordinary”. These services are surprisingly needed one way or another and provide a large sum of money to the providers. They are not illegal, just odd. And who knows you might be able to dive into one of these 8 unusual jobs that pay well globally.

When a beer brand created a commercial years ago, many never knew it was telling of a job that is still carried out today. The advert showed a soldier’s return from a tasking journey, with a drink which he showed to his king. The king was on the verge of drinking it but was stopped by his constables as they called out, “Get the tester”. Apparently, before a king consumes anything, someone had to take the risk of first tasting it. No one knows how much those service providers were paid then (if they were) but that job exists today alongside a list of other jobs that some didn’t know ever existed.

1) A Toymaker

Average earnings: $96,353 per year

Who knew the production of tools would cost as much as $100,000 per manufacturer? The toymaker’s job is to produce playthings that are entertaining and safe for children. The job requires a lot of creativity and flair, which is why the toymaker is also regarded as a product designer. A toymaker must have qualifications in art like a design degree, and knowledge in CAD engineering skills.


2) Master marijuana extractor

Average earning: $50,135-$84,465

A master marijuana extractor is expected to be involved in the processing of marijuana for the production of edibles, medicines, oils, and other related products. The service provider would need a degree related to the field and can start earning money even before graduating college.

Master marijuana extractor.

3) Clinical Ethicist

Average earnings: $63,190-$82,435 per year.

This job requires consultancy services by a professional which involves making unbiased decisions as regards certain medical conditions and surgical procedures, to help doctors, families, and patients take better-informed positions. This is a result of different beliefs in certain medical practices like cloning, stem cell research, blood transfusions, etc. So a clinical ethicist is expected to make impartial and calculated decisions about such cases. For a job like this, a master’s degree or doctorate in medical ethics or other related subjects is needed.

Clinical Ethicist.

4) Bingo Manager

Average earnings: $53,185 per year.

If there were a job on a list of 8 unusual jobs that pay well globally and didn’t require a college degree then it would be that of a Bingo manager. All that is needed to qualify for this job is a 5-year experience in a similar position. And yes a Bingo manager’s job is to manage a casino. The manager oversees everything concerning that casino, from basic customer complaints and satisfaction, approval of jackpots and huge payouts, as well as being in charge of the casino staff and budget. He must also work in line with Federal and State gaming regulations.

Bingo manager.

5) Bereavement Coordinator

Average earnings: $47,076 per year.

This job entails the service provider taking care of a terminally ill or deceased person for a particular family. A bereavement coordinator as a professional also handles everything from paperwork, to appointments, and even planning funeral arrangements. The job also allows for the coordinator to organize counseling for the family if and when necessary. This is done so that the family of the deceased can grieve without much to worry about. Job openings like this are available at hospitals, nursing homes, hospice settings, etc.

Bereavement coordinator.

6) Hippo therapist

Average earnings: $30.87 per hour.

Hippotherapy is a physical, occupational, and speech therapy that uses the natural gait and movement of a horse to provide motor and sensory input to patients. Therapy of this nature requires the service provider to be well versed in different aspects of disabilities and more importantly must be good with horses. Therefore, the job of a Hippo therapist is to improve the condition of patients with physical and mental disorders through recreation, interaction, and socialization.

Hippo therapist.

7) Online dating. Ghost Writers

Average earnings: $23.84 per hour

If you use dating sites and need an attractive bio. If you want someone to write for/about you, a ghostwriter might just be what you need for the right price. This can be done virtually or physically. But your best bet at getting paid as a ghostwriter is by working directly with dating sites and others that need such services.

Online dating. Ghost writers.

8) Product Testing

Average earnings: $25 per hour

Product testing is carried out by companies that are probably about to launch a new product and need random and candid advice. They look to product testers to carry out this job. These product testers are sometimes paid by the company, which could be by the hour or receive certain products for services rendered. There are various sites that even help you sign up to test products from the comfort of your home.

Product testing.

You could say these jobs are oddly satisfying but these 8 unusual jobs are only but a few amongst other similar jobs that pay handsomely. Each job has a requirement and must be adhered to. They may be weird but are also essential services needed by some in the society which also provides an opportunity for anyone who’s interested.

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