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The BELT List: Top 8 Billionaires In Tech 2021

The global hierarchy of richest men on earth has seen the technological sector comfortably sit at the apex of the most lucrative sectors; this could be why most of the names on this list might be familiar. However, the stiff competition between them led to noticeable changes in their positions on this list over the years. At the time of writing this, these are the top 8 billionaires in tech in 2021.

1) Jeff Bezos

Net Worth: $177Billion

Source of wealth: Amazon

Many are already aware of the dominance of Jeff Bezos since he became the richest man in the world. In February, Jeff Bezos announced that he would be stepping down as CEO of Amazon in the third quarter of 2021. The focus is now on his space project, Blue Origin, the Washington Post, and charitable initiatives. Jeff gave out $791million to 16-climate change non-profits through his $10 billion Bezos Earth Fund. (Source: Forbes).

Jeff Bezos.

2) Bill Gates

Net Worth: $124Billion

Source of wealth: Microsoft

Bill Gates may have fallen two places down the list of the richest people in the world, but in the tech industry, the story is a little different. Bill grew his wealth by $26billion and beat his $100billion mark this year; this he achieved through a 66% increase in company stocks, as well as a rise in Deere & Co shares. Bill Gates also invested some money to support climate change; he told Forbes he gave $2 billion to organizations running operations on zero emissions. (Source: Forbes).

Bill Gates.

3) Mark Zuckerberg

Net Worth: $97Billion

Source of Wealth: Facebook

The owner of Facebook is third on the list, and it’s no surprise as Facebook maintains an extensive reach and is preferred for advertisements through Facebook Ads. The Facebook founder announced a $500 million pledge in December 2020 under the banner of racial equity. (Source: Forbes).

Mark Zuckerberg.

4) Larry Ellison

Net Worth: $93Billion

Source of wealth: Software

Larry Ellison made his fortune off creating and running software technologies. He founded Oracle, a software company, in 1977. Ellison reportedly paid $300million to buy the Hawaiian Island of Lanai after he told his employees that he was moving there (Source: Forbes). He then converted the island to a laboratory for health and wellness. Ellison also played a vital role that ensured an agreement of acquisition between Oracle and TikTok.

Larry Ellison.

5) Larry Page

Net worth: $91.5Billion???

Source of wealth: Google

In December of 2019, Larry Page stepped down as CEO of Alphabet. Alphabet happens to be the parent company of Google, though he remains a board member and major shareholder of the company. Larry has been a beneficiary of the wealth created by Google. Bloomberg billionaire’s index reports that Larry has a total net worth (tech + others) of $121billlion.

Larry Page.

6) Sergey Brin

Net worth: $89Billion

Source of wealth: Google

Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin, is a computer scientist, internet entrepreneur, and co-founder of Google with Larry Page. Sergey Brin headed Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc. until December 3, 2019, when he stepped down as CEO. He is the richest tech immigrant in America and spoke against some of Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Sergey is currently worth $117Billion.(Source: Bloomberg Billionaires Index).

Sergey Brin.

7) Steve Ballmer

Net worth: $68.7Billion

Source of wealth: Microsoft

Steve Ballmer served as a CEO for Microsoft from 2000 to 2014, which was enough time to amass a fortune to become the richest sports team owner in America (Source: Forbes). He owns the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. Ballmer purchased “The Forum” in Inglewood for $400million in 2020 (Source: Forbes). This year his team is expected to launch a new arena, estimated at $1Billion. He also owns a philanthropic organization called the Ballmer Group, which has given $54million as Covid Relief

Steve Ballmer.

8) Ma Huateng

Net Worth: $65.8Billion

Source of wealth: Internet Media

Ma is currently China’s richest tech magnate (Source: Forbes). As the Chairman of Tencent, the company’s shares fell rapidly due to regulations on its digital payment component. However, Ma still benefits from Tencent (through its gaming sector), placing him at 8th on the list of top billionaires in Tech in 2021.

Ma Hauteng.

This list is a compilation of the top billionaires in the global tech sector. So the net worth stated per person is only a reflection of money gotten from tech.

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