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September 24, 2021
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8 Lucrative Side-Jobs To Try In Nigeria 2021

When the National Bureau of Statistics certified that Nigeria’s employment rate now stands at 33%, as the worst rate percentage in the last 13 years, it became more evident how important side-jobs have become. For those already gainfully employed or underemployed, side jobs may be the way to go in 2021. Here are 8 lucrative side jobs to try in 2021.

Nigeria’s unemployment rate stands out globally at the moment. But the brighter side shows that the availability of side jobs in the country remains high. All which has been possible due to the services rendered by the internet. As a result, here are a few lucrative side-jobs that you could try in Nigeria 2021.

1) Tutoring.

Knowledge is a power that still counts even in the 21st century. The level of advancement in technology and other forms of global development still requires children and even adults to be educated in certain fields. These needs have been successfully met by tutors. They are most needed by students during certain exams like WAEC, JAMB, and NECO, etc. Or also during the early stages of a small child’s education. 


2) POS

The evolution of technology in an attempt to make daily transactions easier has been met with different modes of financial services. And today one of the digital payment methods that have made a good first impression is a P.O.S system. These P.O.S outlets are seen within residential and commercial areas. They also happen to be well-positioned as a neighbourhood’s banking option. This side job is trending and lucrative.

P.O.S System.

3) Digital Marketing

If businesses are all going digital, then we surely need a digital way to market them. Such an opportunity calls for individuals knowledgeable in online strategic communications between companies and customers. Thereby achieved through ads, email notification, tracking engagements, views, and even enhancing search optimization. Although the job is a bit technical, it pays well too.

Digital Marketing.

4) Lifestyle Blogger

For individuals interested in running a side job that involves writing about their interests and getting paid for it, becoming a lifestyle blogger might help you live that dream. Thus, a lifestyle blog is run by an individual who writes about interesting things in his/her life and gets paid for it. 

5) Business Consultant

A business consultant provides a service that caters to people that need certain information to aid their businesses. The consultant provides information and advises the client to better understand the project about to be embarked upon to ensure success.

Business consultant.

6) Writing, editing, and proofreading

This is writing but unlike that carried out by a lifestyle blogger. The individual is paid to write what the customer wants, guided by timelines. The job is done in phases; it involves writing the document, which you also edit/proofread. However, you may be asked simply to proofread. It all depends on the agreement between you and the client.

Writing, editing, and proofreading.

7) Home Food

If you are not interested in writing, editing, or proofreading, you might be interested in making money off of homemade food; delivering homemade food or snacks to your designated customers. Some service providers also indulge in cooking large quantities of stews/soups for sale.

Home food.

8) Online Fitness Trainer

The need to provide humans with knowledge and practical lessons on how to get physically fit is a job done by a fitness trainer. The good news is that it can now be done online. These online trainers allow you to keep fit from the comfort of your home through your smart devices.

Online fitness trainer.

These 8 lucrative side jobs to try in Nigeria in 2021 are some of the best alternatives for getting a second job in the country.

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