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September 24, 2021
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9 Most Innovative Gaming Companies In 2021

The gaming industry is involved in the development, marketing, and monetization of video games. It encompasses dozens of job disciplines, and its parts employ millions of people worldwide with the gaming market rocketing as a focused and mainstream affair, and thousands of gaming companies still in business. Here are the 9 most innovative gaming companies and their new ideas in 2021.

The pandemic led to a time where people stayed indoors. It is, therefore, no surprise that this sector benefited largely from the covid-19 era. Humans became naturally drawn to doing things that kept them entertained during this movement-stifled period; watching movies, spending more time on their mobile phones, and playing games, amongst others. 

Coupled with the speedy growth of technology in 2021, gaming companies are taking it a step further towards the ultimate consumer-gaming experience. The sector feeds directly from technological advancements. And it comes as no surprise that some gaming companies are already harnessing opportunities created by the likes of edge computing, the Internet of things, virtual and augmented reality, and more. 

9 Most Innovative Gaming Companies In 2021

1) Roblox (The Ecosystem)

For Roblox Inc. it is no longer just gaming for it’s a community. This gaming company has been able to successfully create an ecosystem for gaming creators. A concept that has contributed immensely to the firm’s high running statistics of over 100 million users spending more than 1 billion hours on Roblox each month.


2) Apple (The right Subscription)

Apple has created one of the best subscription plans for gamers in recent times. The company’s $5 per month plan allows consumers to explore various options available to Apple Arcade users with unlimited access to more than 100 games on its devices. 

Apple Arcade.

3) Level Ex (A gaming platform for clinical tests)

Level Ex produced a free-mobile simulation that permits doctors to carry out clinical procedures. This game has been reportedly utilised by medical students and professional doctors. The American Medical Association approved this platform as the body awards continuing medical education credits to level X doctor gamers.

Level X.

4) Zwift (Turning a stationary bike into a game controller)

The Zwift stationary bike system allows users to make use of the bike as a game controller for online races in real-life scenarios; users get to compete against each other using real-world team bonuses and power-ups. It costs $15 per month to ride and compete against other riders from the Italian Alps to the game’s made-up city, Watopia.


5) Epic Games (Gaming wealth generation)

Epic Games shares the wealth in its gaming stores with a massive 88% given to publishers. The company created a free digital gaming marketplace with dozens of free games for users. This move guaranteed 85 million accounts in the first four months. Epic Games has since signed exclusive deals with makers of hit games Borderland and Red Dead Redemption.

Epic Games.

6) NVIDIA (It’s the Graphics)

Nvidia’s RTX 30 Series graphics brings gaming even closer to graphic-gaming perfection. These graphics use a clever chip design that successfully integrated ray tracing with a traditional graphics system. This graphic process can simulate how light beams reflect and refract off of smoke, shimmering water, or high-sheen chrome.


7) Dapper Labs (Creating blockchain collectibles)

The futuristic mode of payment has been added to the gaming process by Dapper Labs. Gamin collectibles have been made accessible with the development of a game called NBA Top Shot. The game allows users to buy, collect and trade video clips using blockchain technology.

Dapper Labs.

8) Sony (Game control)

Sony keeps evolving and updating software and hardware that happen to be essentials for the overall gaming outlook. The company has now built on already existing systems. For next-generation consoles like the Play Station 5, employing top-notch graphic processors and the use of Haptic Technology for gaming control.

Sony Studios.

9) Hollow Ponds (For quirky creations)

The release of “I am dead”, a ghost top-notch storyline development marked a new era of quirky creations. It’s an offbeat game that gets you to play as the ghost of a deceased museum creator in a seaside town. The ghost can peer into the souls of objects and the memories people have of them. 

Hollow Ponds.

How about that for the best innovation in the gaming sector by company’s that bring us even closer to the full gaming experience. These are the 9 most innovative companies and their ideas in 2021.

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