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The Rules Of Bureaucracy

If you must survive in any environment, then you have to be familiar with its characteristics. In this case, very few words can be used to categorize the delicacy of a bureaucratic organization. So if you plan on sticking to this career path or know someone who likes organizations with bottlenecks, then I am sure you would need to be aware of these rules of bureaucracy.

If these rules of bureaucracy were to be dished out from the onset, then the first rule would be to never take them for granted. These codes can make or break the individual. A bottleneck organization is tricky, which means you would need the right skills to be successful in that space.

So, how about we start by dwelling a little on the concept of a bureaucratic organization before unveiling these rules. But remember all you are about to read must be applied in the right manner and at the right time.

The Intricacies Of A Bureaucratic organization 

A bureaucratic organization is one with a certain set of rules of bureaucracy that must be followed with the organization’s structure best portrayed as hierarchy/levels. 

In such an organization, there is always a clear chain of command as well as a well-defined set of rules that must be followed. A bureaucratic approach can be applied in different ways such as government running, businesses, corporate firms, etc. 

For an organization to be bureaucratic, it must have certain characteristics and possess peculiar problems. These problems are rarely avoided in bureaucratic organizations.

  1. Red Tape.
  2. Imperialism.
  3. Conflict.
  4. Duplication.

The problems faced by this style of organizational approach are the main reason why individuals in that line of business need to possess knowledge about power bureaucratic rules that can come into play when needed. These rules may come in handy when used properly and might cut backward when used wrongly or neglected.

Intricacies Of Bureaucracy.

1) Secrecy

This happens to be the first rule in the bureaucratic book because it holds access to unlimited information. Corporate service or other bureaucratic organizations survive on secrets, and your ability to keep them makes you worth keeping in the company. This rule, however, becomes a problem in an organization that has various departments and therefore has to carry out a lot of communication daily. The different departments have specific tasks, and other departments cannot be aware of some of the data involved, except in exceptional cases. This rule may need to be applied at all times. The less you talk about your business, the better for the organization.


2) Hierarchy

Know who is boss. The organizational structure ensures that there is a system that shows how duties are handled. So you need to know who is boss and always be loyal. Also, gain their trust where possible. You must be diplomatic in taking sides. The hierarchy rule works against you when the side you take may be higher in a corporate position but not in influence. If this happens, then don’t apply the hierarchy rule just yet.


3) Specialization

Relevance in a bureaucratic organization is sustained by what you know and do best. A bureaucratic organization currently using a more technological system of operation, would look out for individuals that could excel in the new system. This is why one must always upgrade knowledge. This rule encourages one to specialize in something that makes one relevant.


4) Organization formalized rules

Every organization has its policies/rules to be followed. These policies should not be taken for granted. An individual that goes against any of these has broken an organizational rule and can be penalized. A formalized rule can be applied in the event of a normal challenge. Although, it is best to critically observe the situation and apply that which is most suitable.

Organization rules.

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