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Try These 5 Tips for Marketing Independent Movies

A well-thought movie idea meets execution intending to create a high-quality movie. But sadly, this is no guarantee that you would have the large viewership you imagined while creating the film. So knowing the art of independent filmmaking wouldn’t just rest solely on the core-creative process of making the project but also getting it in front of as many people as possible. These 5 tips for marketing independent movies could help better publicize that blockbuster you have hidden in your movie safe.

Independent Film Making

An independent film is a feature-length or short film that is made without support from major companies or production studios. They are better referred to as low-budget movies and could be executed with “micro-budgets” ranging from thousands of dollars to a few million. 

According to Ziprecruiter, independent filmmakers make anywhere from $16,500-$132,000 as annual salaries. The majority of independent filmmakers earn between $37,500-$71,000. Netflix also has a category highlighted for “independent films”. These are generally movies that were made without proper studio systems. But the quality of your short film can improve with a good marketing strategy.

Independent film making.

5 Tips For Marketing Independent Movies

Even though independent filmmakers may not be exposed to major parts of the market like big studio companies, they could still make a decent amount of views through good promotional strategies. 

1) It’s not the movie, it’s the trailer

Nine out of ten viewers are pushed to make purchases, hit the cinemas, or even hype a movie they haven’t seen yet, why? The trailer. The trailer of a movie provides the first impression and most times invites the crowd into the cinema or the websites for downloads. This is why a short film must have a good trailer containing some major parts of the movie for all to see and become hooked until the drop date.


2) How about online ads?

It’s good to know you have finally shot a good movie trailer that is making rounds on YouTube or other major platforms. Now who did you make the movie for and what publicity is in place to let the viewers know that? The online ads will help the director to direct his adverts to certain demography, age, sex, etc. This enables the right people to be reached with the best trailer possible.

Online ads.

3) We love websites!

A big turn-off when downloading movies is the difficulty attached to them. Some websites have so many redirecting links as you try to access the actual download link. This is why you also need a website for your films. It might cost a lot but would be the best option for independent filmmaking.


4) Hit the street

You want people to view your movie, but how badly do you want it? Are you ready to put on a show in public so fans could become aware of the movie? A public show of affection from directors to their fans can be done through public events or any other form. This helps support already produced ads and movie awareness.

Word on the street.

5) Word of mouth

Having carried out the other forms of promotion for your new movie, putting out the word to family, friends, business partners, colleagues, etc. will not cost a thing and could help spread the word about your new product. 

Word of mouth.

These 5 tips for marketing an independent movie are tried and proven means and should be considered because your independent movie deserves all the recognition it can get.

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