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October 20, 2021
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FIFA22: The Launch Of A New Technology

You can now pre-order FIFA22. The annual release of the football gaming experience only gets better. This year with the introduction of hyper motion technology used in its products coupled with the just-released gaming consoles, FIFA22 couldn’t have come at a better time. Not forgetting the World Cup would also be played in 2022. This means the game is to be launched with new features and enjoyed in the same year as football’s biggest festival. The game will be launched on 1 October 2021 and possesses killer technology as well as new features. 

Hyper motion Technology 

The new FIFA22 uses hyper motion technology, which uses game footage simulated by a Hyper motion tech system. This AI-based hyper motion technology combines machine learning with 11v11 motion capture. This gives users a more realistic feel of the player’s movement during gameplay. FIFA22 will be the first version of the game designed for next-generation consoles, further boosting the quality and performance.

This new technology created by EA Sports required 22 players to grace the pitch wearing Xsens suits, therefore allowing EA to record a great volume of high-quality real-life player movement data.  


This new technology designs attackers to be sharper by making 6 times more decisions per second. The A.I has also updated defense and tightened the team’s ability to act more as a unit with aerial balls being more realistic.

This version of FIFA22 is only available on next-generation consoles like PS5, XBOX, SeriesX/S, and Stadia. FIFA22 for P.C would also not use hyper motion technology due to the size of data required to carry out the process.

The Game Cover Star

Player: Kylian Mbappe

Age: 22

Club: Paris Saint Germain

“Being on back-to-back FIFA covers is amazing. I have a very special relationship with the game and look forward to enjoying FIFA22 alongside you,” said the French man. Mbappe first appeared on FIFA21 and boasted an incredible attacking rating of 90 with full potential capped at 95This version of the game would also have Kylian Mbappe shooting on all cylinders as the game cover star.

Kylian Mbappe.

New Features

1) FIFA22 Career Mode

The FIFA22 Career Mode has tons of new features and makes up for the highest amount of new inclusions in the game. The Career mode allows users to perform as both managers and players. Users are therefore allowed to make changes to their team’s uniforms, design their home stadiums, and get the option to either start the league at an elite stage or from a lower division with chances of rising up the ranks to the Champions League.

 The Career mode extends the level of control granted to the users. This is seen in the option of creating your club philosophy. The player growth system has also been updated; players can earn skill points to build their skill tree with perks in the form of in-game attributes that can be used to change the course of the match.

The career mode.

2) Post-match cinematic

FIFA22 also pays attention to post-match cinematic output and allows users to view new animations after the end of the match. This also includes dressing room sequences that reflect the performance of the players.

Match cinematics.

3) New commentary Inclusion 

As always, FIFA22 has new commentary inclusions, and a noticeable one being Alex Scott in career mode. Alex Scott spices up the career mode with scintillating power words best describing the thrills created by players on the field.

Alex Scott, first female Fifa commentator.

FIFA22 will be released later this year and has already proved to be a game worth having. The features highlighted are from initial information, and more will be revealed as the launch date draws closer.

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