7 Bizzare Games You Should Try In 2021

The release of better consoles, gaming controls, and other forms of gaming updates paved way for better playing experiences. These come from brand new games with the necessary technological adaptations. Gamers all over the world are familiar with some of these “bizarre games you should try in 2021”. But if you aren’t, then these are some of the best-produced virtual adventures waiting to be experienced by you.

1) Hitman 3

Agent 47 is the poster character as far as clean, incognito assassinations go. IO Interactive released Hitman 3 and yet again provided players with openings and the right environment to complete missions in the most silent but vicious ways, as these are the principles the Hitman has lived by. This version is recommended for its creative mission set-ups- From the bondesque openings to the Dartmoor mission containing the murder-mystery homage; once again living up to the expectations already set by the Hitman.   

Hitman 3.

2) Returnal 

 The future of subsequent gaming productions may begin to experience more next-generation concepts as shown in the Returnal. The Returnal is a suspense-filled, lightning-fast experience with an irresistible application of DualSense haptic. The gameplay allows players free will to make tough decisions while testing their item management skills during action-based combat.

The Returnal.

3) Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet and Clank is also a PS5 based game that tells a sci-fi story about its characters. The gameplay allows players to stay engrossed in the action with customized weapons while also exposing them to clues for 10 inventive secret levels. 

Ratchet and Clank.

4) Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The game is an improved and more sophisticated version of the already legendary Mass Effect trilogy. The new version is more focused on the next generation and is a completion of the entire game as it allows fans who have not played the initial version to experience the complete storyline. The game enables players to play through Commander Shephard’s journey in an intense new world.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

5) Resident Evil Village

This iconic game has yet another classic version and this time it’s about the Vampiress, Lady Dimistrescu. The Lady and her daughters are outstanding characters that add to the experience in the game. This version is regarded as one of the best and yet goriest parts of Resident Evil with more of the focus placed on the dark side; truly an adventure game worth playing.

Resident Evil Village.

6) Chivalry 2

The most gruesome, blood-spilling game of 2021 is Chivalry 2. The gameplay of intense battles between kingdoms with sword-crossing enemy lines into victory or defeat. The game focuses on battles in a winner-takes-all competition. Besides the brutality and swordsmanship of the gameplay, it also possesses tactical depth for players to explore.


7) Scarlet Nexus

This game contains amazing storylines and a lot of well-structured characters. It allows players to either make use of Kasane Rendall or Yuito Sumeragi. The action-based storyline gets players hooked with characters filled with psychokinetic and other powers that can be drawn from your teammates.

Scarlet Nexus.

Gaming companies keep evolving by addressing old standards with amazing up-to-date technology to accompany next-generation consoles. From fun to gruesome all the way to next-generation gaming storylines, these games match every quality in the book. These are the 7 bizarre games to try in 2021.

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