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Pharaoh’s Hound: Tattoo Artist and Piercing For Royalty

Tattoos and piercings are not worth having if you are not being treated like a king/queen while at it. It truly becomes more amazing when our love for body arts and skin artistry aligns with an artist that understands how precious every drop of ink is to realizing your dream bodywork and piercings. Welcome to Pharaoh’s hound: an arena for tattoos and piercings for royalty. 

About Pharaoh

Pharaoh beautifully drags along every atom of value already bestowed in the concept of Tattoos and Piercings. His real name is Victor Emenike Ugochukwu. He is from Anambra state but his mum hails from the southern part of Nigeria, Edo state. Born in Kano state, Victor spent 18 years in Kano state before moving to Abuja.

He got nicknamed Pharaoh while schooling abroad. A name that has stuck ever since and became an identity for impeachable tattoo drawings and piercings. But just like any other success story, Pharoah didn’t initially start as a Tattoo artist; he has well spent some time in the courtyard of being a D.J while studying journalism at the time. However, his love for art seemed truer than any other vocation. At a documented interview with BELT which featured on the latest edition of the BELT magazine, he said “Art is what makes me feel myself so at some point, I just moved to the Arts and went further to Ghanatta College of Art and design, in Ghana, Accra. I’ve been an artist all my life, and a Tattoo Artist professionally for about 3 years” 

Pharaoh has been able to defy the odds in challenges that emanated from family beliefs, societal and religious perceptions. As well as stumbling blocks in the naturally present in the tattoo industry. He has been able to push through all these constraints. And now runs his empire with quite a several important names on his resume. Pharoah has tattoed the likes of Young 6ix, Zlatan (some names withheld), etc. Pharoah is so far considered one of the best in the tattoo industry.’

Pharaoh’s Hound

Victor Emenike has gained popularity in the industry over the years. But his business does speak for itself, he has 5-tattoo artists on his payroll. With an average of two tattoos every single day spanning throughout 365days. His Tattoo business is also reportedly a parent company to other establishments owned by Pharaoh. Most of these tattoo jobs are also carried out by appointments, which one must make before an online consultation is carried out before a physical appearance date is granted as the day of the appointment. All these processes are not as long as they sound and become truly necessary so that each customer is given a royal service regardless of the number of people wanting to get tatted daily. The firm also follows daily Covid 19 protocols before any appointment, which includes a thorough cleaning of surfaces, equipment sterilization with E.O. gas (Ethylene Oxide), and compulsory facemask rules. 

The Pharaoh Process

To get tatted by Pharaoh means to get inked amazingly. This can be done in two ways. It’s either you do a freehand drawing directly on the skin, or you make a stencil to transfer (onto the skin). Pharaoh pays attention to every detail involved in the tattoo process, from the environment, the safety of the needles and other types of equipment, as well as the total outlook of the art. He once said, “I know every tattoo that I’ve done because I have a style that comes naturally, and people who follow my work can recognize it. That’s the same way I draw too. I recognize tattoos before I recognize people. People I’ve tattooed way back, I see them and I don’t know who they are. They show me and say “You did this”, then I say yeaaaaah, and remember the day, what happened, and everything”.

The story so far and beyond

Pharaoh started in Abuja and now also has a branch in Lagos. He has plans of expanding to the far south, Benin. With connection far into the United States of America, Pharoah plans to open up a Painting, Art, and Tattoo studio in years to come. 

He is Victor Emenike Ugochukwu, with a royal identity not just for his name but also for the quality of his work and artistry. So if you ever need a work of art on your skin or a desire to be pierced, then remember that to be worked on by Pharaoh’s Hound is to be given a service of royalty at its very prime.

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