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iPhone13: A Closer Look Into Apples’ Shocking Design

With the October 23rd, 2020 launch of the iPhone 12, it seems Apple has no plans of slowing down. The iPhone 12 did immensely well compared to previous designs. One of the most noticeable differences in the iPhone 12 is the box-shaped physical look borrowed from the iPhone 4 and combined with the curves of present-day iPhones. Not to mention the durability and the 5G network’s speed all coming together to become the technological beast created by Apple. But with the iPhone 13 on the way to further break the market, this is a close look into Apple’s design.

A Brief History of The iPhone 12

Even though this piece isn’t about the iPhone 12, this product created quite a buzz. And it’s only fair to mention it especially in comparison with its successor, the iPhone 13.

The iPhone 12 was a hit from the onset, breaking record after record in sales. According to reports by Counterpoint Research, the iPhone 12 beat the 100 million-unit mark in April 2021. This was less than one year after its launch. Having been released on October 23, 2020, the iPhone 12 hit that record 2 months earlier than its predecessor, the iPhone 11. Putting it well on course to match the best-selling iPhone 6 in Apple’s history.

The iPhone 12 boasted a new design, the introduction of the 5G-network, and had unique models with different prices and sizes as well as OLED displays. This phone also included new colours, allowing users to select whichever colour would best provide a great iPhone 12 experience.

Although, even with all these features, the iPhone 12 would still be succeeded by a new, improved, and updated version of the iPhone series. The new product would be quite similar to the iPhone 12 but major differences are also certain. Now the question remains; what else does Apple have up its futuristic sleeves?

iPhone 12.

The Introduction Of The iPhone 13 

There have been many speculations, rumours, news, updates about the iPhone 13, and based on the looks of the iPhone 6 and 12. But would it include Touch ID again? Due to the current pandemic and the compulsory use of nose masks that do not work with Face ID.

Apple would most likely announce the launch of the iPhone 13 during the September Apple event. So here are some of the features the iPhone 13 is speculated to have.

1) Improved Chip Technology

The iPhone 12 and 13 would be similar in a lot of ways. But certain things like the chip technology would be a major difference. The new A15 chip would be made by TSMC. These include the camera systems, impressive night modes, an upgrade in video capabilities, and an increase in battery power.

A15 Bionic chip technology.

2) LEO Satellite Communication

Another interesting rumored feature for the iPhone 13 is that it would include hardware that allows Low Earth Orbit communication. This technology would permit users to make calls or send text messages without the use of 4G or 5G cellular data. If this were true then iPhone 13 would be breaking communications limits as the first smartphone to utilize such communication technology.

LEO Satellite communication.

3) Smaller Notch Size

Reports indicate that Apple may be going with smaller notches from now on. Even Apple analyst, Ming Chu Kuo, gave a heads up to that effect. DigiTimes also supports this analysis by saying the notch will shrink in size due to redesigned camera modules. Which almost perfectly integrates Rx, Tx, and Flood illuminator.

The notch may also see changes in materials used for Face ID transmitters on the iPhone 13. Speculatively the transmitters would now be made of plastic instead of glass thanks to new coating technology.

Smaller notch size.

4) Better Batteries

The iPhone 13 is also rumored longer battery life, which would then lead to longer usage time. This would become possible by freeing up space by integrating the SIM slot with the mainboard while reducing front optical thickness.

Better battery life.

5) 1TB Maximum Storage

The iPhone 12 series had up to 512GB in storage capacity and now, Apple that has based marketing and competitive advantage in product-storage –segmentation may now increase it to 1Terabyte. Ming Chu Kuo also supports this leak by saying the iPhone 13 would come in different storage sizes and Pro models would reach the 1TB storage mark.

1TB maximum storage.

There are other speculations including 120ProMotion display, 5G chip, and Wifi 6E, reverse wireless charging, photo, and video features. The iPhone 13 is expected to be officially launched on September 14, 2021.

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