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8 Things You Should Never Do At An Interview

Everybody wants a good-paying job, though not everyone knows how to get one. The possibilities of getting employed amongst probably a hundred people may have very little to do with luck, and more to do with dealing the right cards with everything remaining constant, excluding nepotism. However, it would be better to assume your chances lie in your ability to be more outstanding than the others. And to be outstanding you should know these 8 things to never do at an interview.

1) Don’t be late

Appearing late puts you in a difficult position and if that company is in Asia, particularly China, then you might not have a chance at all. That is how much value the Chinese place on punctuality, especially for formal meetings. To the Chinese showing up on time is the easiest way to show respect as tardiness is heavily frowned upon. Appearing late sends the wrong signal to your new employer when the aim is to give a good impression. Don’t be that guy.

Don’t be late.

2) Don’t speak ill of former employees

Your last working experience may not have been the best. Those events may include a horrible boss or unbearable colleagues. But whatever the case, an interview must never be a venting ground and should not contain details about such. You don’t want your new employer to be worried about what you might say when you’re not in the office: probably to your friends or business competitors. So, at no time during the interview must you criticize your former employers or colleagues, even when tempted.

Don’t speak ill of former employers.

3) Don’t be informal

A good joke or a little sense of humour is welcome at some formal meetings. This is strictly business, and if it requires you to leave your sense of humour at home, then please do so. The interview isn’t a court case or a conversation between a dictator and his people but being overly jocular may go wrong. So don’t try to be funny as it could make you look unserious and unworthy.

Don’t be informal.

4) Avoid calls/text

Interviews don’t take so long, and if switching on your phone would distract you, then your mobile devices are better placed in airplane mode or silenced. It might be urgent information or an important place you need to be, but they can all wait till after your interview. One must be focused at all times during an interview, which would appeal to a prospective employer. 

Avoid calls/texts.

5) Don’t be the interviewer

The point of being there in the first place is to get interviewed; do not do the interviewer’s job. It is okay to ask one or two questions but don’t make it a sport during the interview. It is not an impressive trait to talk too much or putting the interviewer in your position. If you are a curious person, you should be prepared to ask only a few critical questions.

Don’t be interviewer.

6) Don’t bite or chew

People can get hungry or nervous during an interview, but you must never bite or chew during one. Eat as much as you can to get you through the time until the interview ends. Do not eat or chew gum at any point in the process, not even while waiting in the lobby. And during the interview, do not bite your nails or chew gum. If you are nervous, just breathe.

Don’t bite/chew.

7) Don’t dress inappropriately

How you dress can affect how you are addressed. If you ever get confused about what to wear for an interview, then lean more towards less informal and responsible attire. Do not mistake the company for a lounge or an outing with your friends. It’s an office and must be treated as such. So, impress your employer yet again with formal attire.

Dress appropriately.

8) Don’t lack enthusiasm

Be reminded that there are many others vying for that position And with the high global unemployment rate, it is expected that more and more people will appear for each interview. Success could boil down to who wants it more. The employer is looking for smart people while also checking for the candidate’s zeal and passion for the job.

Don’t lack enthusiasm.

So, before you attend an interview, prepare yourself with these 8 things you should never do.

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