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October 20, 2021
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Fashion Foundation: Putting Your Clothing Brand Out There (vol. 1)

Solving problems related to human necessities rather than just wants is a significant instigator of entrepreneurship. More so, businesses born out of such ideas are often characterized by consumer dependence and in the long run, last longer than other businesses surrounded by what humans want. One of such is the fashion industry. Fashion businesses have been created to provide endless clothing possibilities, but before one benefits from these endless opportunities, your brand must overcome the challenges of putting your clothing brand out there. So learn to build your Fashion business so your clothing designs would get the attention it requires.

Fashion Brands

Creating a fashion brand means serving consumers varieties and infinite concepts underlining their clothing imagination. The ability to do this means your brand is accepted and will be patronized by the public. 

Nike, formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sports came into the industry intending to create light, and not so expensive running shoes but started by partnering with Japanese shoe owner, Onitsuka. The partnership allowed Blue Ribbon Sports to bring those shoes from Asia to be sold in America until it was time to create their product and officially serve the dream to the final consumer. The two individuals behind Nike were Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, while the Nike logo was made for $35 by a student in high school. 

Today, a firm that wasn’t able to produce its products at the initial stage is the world’s most prestigious fashion brand.

Fashion Brands.

But what did Nike do differently?


While it was true that the brand had good products, that wasn’t enough. Other brands were not doing badly in that regard. But Nike understood what many brands at the time weren’t taking advantage of: Endorsements. The brand endorsed Michael Jordan when he was still a young player and reaped amazing benefits as he rose to be one of the greatest basketball players. The Jordan X Nike partnership even gave birth to a product popularly known with the number 23 under the Jordan product line. Michael Jordan’s flying dunk picture that has gained global attention still reigns. The reign of Micheal in the NBA guaranteed patronage of fans and basketballers that looked up to Micheal or probably just liked the way the shoes fit. Today Nike has endorsed stars around the globe proving that the endorsement technique continues to be successful.

Micheal Jordan (Nike endorsement)


However, endorsements couldn’t have been solely responsible for the success recorded. Nike also had a good stake in advertising. How else would the majority of the world’s population see the beauty of the product on endorsed players? The famous Nike quote “Just Do It” was created by the company’s advertisement agency, Wieden and Kennedy for a 1988 Nike TV ad. The quote was inspired by the execution of Gary Gilmore. Gilmore was a United States prisoner who advocated for his execution by firing squad and repelled every attempt by the state to stop the process. During his execution, “let’s do it” were his last words.

 His Last words birthed “Just do it” which has become a tagline that sticks everywhere you go.

Gary Gilmore (Just Do It)

Building Your Fashion Foundation

While your Fashion Brand is not Nike, you can learn from its achievements. In the execution of your brand, you must make sure your foundation is right, and this can be done in 4 ways.

1) Concept 

People love to be original. The uniqueness inspired by your brand is what makes you stand out compared to other fashion brands. The ability to come up with a concept that is widely accepted determines how much further you can break into the market. So do you think your brand concept is unique enough? If so then it’s time to put your fashion brand out there, and if not, go back to the drawing board and create a signature concept.


2) Websites

Today, the online methods of doing business have become the apex scheme and must be carried out with consistency. Therefore, your brand needs a website that customers can visit if the need to purchase arises. The website would contain details of your products, and make it easier to reach you. Businesses need online links and it is even more important for a fashion brand. A website also makes your business sophisticated and appear more experienced even if you’re just starting.


3) Product

Now the concept is right and you have a website to direct people to, which means you have products to showcase. These products must appeal to the fashion world. A touch of antiquity may be matched with an urban desire, however the way you decide to make your products, see to it that they are of good quality with competitive pricing. 


4) Social Media

This is probably the most important phase when it comes to sales conversion and publicity today, and must be treated as such. Your fashion brand is almost ready to go and may require the business owner to carry out in-depth research on how to drive engagements, social ads, etc. The adverts are supposed to drive consumers to your website and must be handled carefully.  

Social media.

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