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October 20, 2021
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8 Good Paying Jobs You Can Start From Home

Who doesn’t want a good-paying job, especially one that can be started from the comfort of your home? You may not be a fan of a 9-5 job or may simply need a side hustle, then these jobs are for you. These are 8 good-paying jobs you can start from home.

The diverse range of needs and wants by society has been met by various forms of service providers. This has therefore created a huge opportunity we all can benefit from today. Technology has been a major decider by creating increased options for job availability. Hence, financial technology, social media, E-commerce, etc. have all been directly involved in providing these multiple options. Today, working from home may come with equal or higher benefits when compared to working traditionally. This form of employment also creates an atmosphere for creativity, innovation, and personal development. 

So, these are 8 good-paying jobs you can start from home

1) Online tutor/teacher

Average annual Income $60,000

What’s better than impacting the lives of students in the 21st century, more importantly, doing so with the aid of technology. Education is regarded as a pillar of societal development and there were online classes before the Coronavirus pandemic. The difference is that today it has become more widespread, and so creates an opportunity for individuals that render such services to do so from the comfort of their homes.

Online Teacher.

2) Legal assistant

Average annual Income: $51,740

If we ever bothered to look behind the scenes of court cases, we would discover those that work in the background to give lawyers the upper hand in court. A paralegal or legal assistant carries out various tasks to help lawyers with facts and better prepare them with reports. Therefore, a paralegal /legal assistant can carry out tasks from legal research to preparing concrete legal documents. Crimes would always be committed and when lawyers get ready for court cases, you could help with legal assistance and get paid for it.

Legal assistant.


Average annual income: $51,830

If you have been searching for a means to benefit from your vast knowledge of languages, then interpreting and translating might just be the way to go. Your job as stated above requires you to interpret or translate spoken/written works or sign language for individuals, corporations, and private and public sectors. Interpreters work with spoken languages or sign languages while translators work with audio or written documents.


Web Developer

Average annual wage: $63,460

Website developers handle the important job of creating and designing personal or commercial websites. These tech individuals can apply their skills in various ways through publishing, management consulting, advertising, computer system design, etc. Web developers are heavily sought after to create and manage websites. 

Web developer.

Social Media Specialists

Average annual income: $37,558

Since the introduction of social media, it has served as the backbone for virtually everything from regular day-to-day lives to business purposes. Those that possess the knowledge of running social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik-Tok, etc. are hired to drive traffic particularly to business pages for brands

Social media specialists.

Data Entry Specialist

Average Monthly Income: $2,500

This job requires the individual to transfer data or information from hardcopies to computer systems. Data entry specialists are also referred to as data entry operators or clerks and are hired by companies for their knowledge in computer-based programs and speed in entering important information.

Data entry specialists.

Marriage and Family Therapist

Average Annual Income: $49,610

Do you dream of being a therapist? Maybe the time has come to try it out from home. Online therapy needs no physical contact after a booking has been made. The therapist makes good use of applications like zoom, skype, and other platforms that aid distance communication. Such applications enable the therapist to speak with his/her clients.

Marriage therapists.

Loan Officer

Annual Average Income: $63,270

A loan officer evaluates and approves loan applications. For that reason, they are usually hired by financial institutions like commercial banks, credit unions, mortgage banks, etc., or as advisers to individuals.

Loan officer.

These are 8 good-paying jobs you can start and earn money from the comfort of your home. These jobs can be done online and may require specific training. Other than that, you are good to go.

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