The Dangerous Art of Procrastination And Its Disadvantages

Procrastination has been described as being a killer of dreams, businesses, and even common household chores. Procrastination is a dangerous art in daily living. But how can procrastination be overcome so tasks can be accomplished rather than postponed?

It is the act of re-scheduling planned or overdue tasks to another day or indefinitely. A conscious effort is often required to repel such a habit which can be detrimental to the accomplishment of tasks and assignments. So far, Office work, musical projects, football training, event planning, or even meetings have all been victims of this negative and unproductive process. So how can it be stopped or at least reduced?

Disadvantages Of Procrastination

This habit is one worth being gotten rid of in a hurry. But how has this behaviour negatively impacted daily lives?

Poor outcomes

Whatever procrastination hinders most likely leads to it having a poor outcome. This process allows one to take often unnecessary breaks between tasks, therefore slowing you down and promoting inconsistency.

Poor outcome.

It is self-defeating

Procrastination is a good weapon for bad habits against the good. Procrastination tops the list of bad behaviour against positive attitudes that would have supported the execution of some tasks or assignments.


Wrong timing

Some tasks are time-specific, and doing them some other time or day may get the job done but reduce the impact. Procrastinating ensures that tasks are carried out at what could even be the wrong time, such that even if that task is completed it would not matter much.

Wrong timing.

Downplaying teamwork

People who procrastinate are not good team players. This is because their habit of procrastinating would negatively affect the team’s ability to deliver, and other teammates may suffer for one’s indiscipline.

Downplaying teamwork.

It nurtures a fear of making mistakes

Telling yourself to do it another day indirectly whispers thoughts of doubts and fears into you. The longer the tasks stay uncompleted, the more the doubt, and they can even remain unfinished.

Fear of making mistakes.

Solving The Art Of procrastination

Procrastination is a general and yet individual problem that requires deep study of the individual. This is a journey only the individual can take. The individual can question himself/herself on certain things and how to solve them. They include:


A positive step towards a solution involves recognizing the art of procrastination as a problem. To some people, it is just taking out time to better prepare for the tasks which can then be carried out more ceremonially. But the truth is it is procrastination, and they must first recognize the dangerous art of procrastination before they can be liberated from it. 


Having understood that what you are doing is wrong, it is now time to ask yourself why. Why are you even procrastinating in the first place? Different things can lead to procrastination: 

  • The task may be boring or not enjoyable to the individual.
  • He may be working in an organization that does not have an organized model or workflow.
  • He might just be lazy. 

Whatever the problem, work out why you procrastinate, then solve it with anti-procrastination strategies.

The art of procrastination.

Anti-procrastination strategies

This is a habit that can get to the point that they become enjoyable, and one may even become addicted. The best way to break a bad habit is to place stoppers or things that cut your connection to them and reduce that habit. Here are some anti-procrastination strategies:

  • Aim for the least enjoyable task so it can make way for more enjoyable tasks on the list.
  • Avoid triggers and things that put you in the mode to abandon your scheduled tasks. Such things may involve movies/music, Social media, or even your dog.
  • Reward yourself and promise yourself incentives that motivate you to break the habit even more.
  • Place reminders on your mobile phone, laptops, sticky notes, and even ask people to check on you for undone tasks.
Anti-procrastination strategies.

The art of procrastination is a behaviour that could be destructive to tasks and assignments. And it would be of great advantage to reduce the habit and its impact on your goals.

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