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How To Put Your Fashion Brand Out There Vol. 2

Having worked on the foundation of your clothing brand, it still needs to go through a series of phases before it is fully accepted. The owner of a clothing brand must learn ways to appeal to the public without trying too hard. This can only be done with the right plans and execution. So this is for you if you are looking for ways to put your fashion brand out there.

Having already secured the foundation of your clothing brand with steps including, concept, product, website, and social media, the first phase entails the general structure of your clothing brand and how you want it to be accepted. With a well-thought-out concept, product generation, building your website, and running a social media account, the focus should be on more advanced brand development options. 

They include:

1) Value Addition

 So what if your clothing concept is now acceptable? To what extent does it add value to your prospective and existing customers. Heading a fashion brand has gone beyond providing solutions to a basic need. To customers these days, clothing can add value in many ways. It could provide a sense of freedom, a tool for expression, etc. Your concept and product must at this stage add value in any way possible to be further appreciated and equally patronized.

Value Addition.

2) Labeling

After securing the public’s interest, it is now time to look at the wrapping. Humans buy products due to how packaged the item is. This process might be concluded by just looking at the pack with less consideration for the main product. Don’t get me wrong, products matter a lot and so does packaging. You have to make your brand look good. This can be done in a lot of ways and even independently without sophisticated tools. The first step is to produce your company tag (small and big), private label, brand stickers, black papers for packing, and other forms of packing material. This is because fashion brands that are well packaged attract a lot of attention from customers and are better patronized than others.

Private Labelling.

3) Online Ads

Having already made positive steps to appear online through social media profiles and even owning a website for your brand. It is now time to attract customers by driving traffic to your online pages. This can be done through online advertisements which are available on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Facebook even allows you to track customers through Facebook Pixels. This addition helps you the brand owner, to keep track of customers scrolling through your page. Facebook pixel even shows you customers that went as far as the payment page and got off for various reasons. Through this, those customers may then be targeted with new ads probably containing information on those same products they showed interest in, but this time, maybe even with a discount. Online advertisements are the way to go for businesses, even for fashion brands.

Online Ads.

4) Pricing

Your pricing strategy also matters to your customer, which in turn affects your business. Users of products are always happy to see that they are paying less for more. This strategy can be used in a couple of ways and one of them is as shipping cost. Including shipping costs into the overall cost of the product and indicating “free shipping” works every time. Adding the unit costs of labeling into each product can also help you keep track of how much you are making when comparing the cost of production with the cost of sales.


In conclusion, putting your fashion brand out there at an advanced phase is essential for speedy growth and brand awareness. Let this article be your guide on putting your fashion brand out there even with the absence of huge capital.

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