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7 Business Lessons From the Movie: The Tinder Swindler

1. Nurture Your Prospects

Don’t just rush into making demands and asking them to buy, when you understand the importance of serving your dream clients first, you enjoy the best of them.

2. Give First

Don’t rush into making demands from your potential clients, give them value first. Focus on giving them more value to establish trust and make them comfortable with you.

3. Create an Emotional Connection

A higher percentage of buyers make their buying decision based on emotions. Getting your clients to emotionally connect with you makes it easier to make your offer and sell to them consistently.

4. Create the right experiences

Your customers come to you for results, they have their expectations and you must meet and exceed those expectations.
They almost never forget how your products/ solution made them feel.

5. Maximize Revenue Per Client

A client that buys from you once and gets a wonderful experience would more likely buy from you repeatedly.
Learn to increase the frequency and
consistency of each client to maximize profit.

6. Follow Your Script But Be Flexible

When you get a marketing and sales framework or method that works continue to use it, you can make a few custom changes per client but follow a tested and proven framework.
You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

7. Show Up When You Are Needed

Serving your clients should be about being able to show up when they need you and deliver beyond expectation.
Your focus should be on giving them results better and different from anyone else.

Bonus: Have A Verifiable Background

Clients may decide to look you up to verify your claims and confirm your authority in the niche you are serving, ensuring your claims match correctly.

Which is your favorite lesson? Comment below.

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