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3 Investment Opportunities in Nigeria 2020

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Are you looking for Investment Opportunities in Nigeria ? Well, in today’s episode, we will be taking a recap of how to Invest Money in Nigeria: investment opportunities in Nigeria 2020.

Normally, I don’t give investment advice in Nigeria as I’m not an investment expert but I’ sure a good investor and have done well when you talk about how to invest money online in Nigeria.

If you have money and looking for how to invest your money online for a good return, then this article is for you.

Although on a general scale, you’re advised to make your own research if you’re looking out for financial investment opportunities in Nigeria and how to invest your money wisely in Nigeria

Most of the best investments right now are online and requires little stress. You also need to understand that you have to invest money to make money if you’re not a service provider.

For the benefits of Class and different of how much you have from others reading this post, I will segment this post to best investment if you have;

  • Less than 200,000 Naira
  • Above 200,000 naira and less than 1 million and
  • Best investments if you have over 1 Million naira.
  • Where to invest money in Nigeria if you have Above 5 Million Naira

Ready? Lets go.

Good places to invest money in Nigeria if you have less than 200,000 Naira

SumoTrust (Formerly SumoBank) is a savings platform that helps you save and spend less. The company is primarily focused on helping African entrepreneurs, business, salary earners, and students save money especially when they have issues with saving money. The company pays you 10-15% interest annually which is higher than bids gotten from some treasury bills most of the time and better interests from normal savings account with commercial banks. Apart from Saving, you also get to have access to Entrepreneur Platform business academy for free once you have an active account with Sumotrust.

To start saving and earning interesting from Sumotrust, create your account at www.sumotrust.com. Login in your account and enter your bank details, connect your card and start saving. You can save as little as 100 per day, weekly or monthly.

  • Investing into FGN Savings Bonds

In 2016, the Federal Government of Nigeria launched the FGN Savings Bonds.  It is a retail investment program designed to provide Nigerians of all income levels the opportunity of contributing to national growth and development by lending money to the federal government.  It is also intended to make savings attractive to the average Nigerian.

In investing into FGN savings bond, the minimum investment amount is NGN5,000 and maximum of NGN50,000,000.  The FGN Savings Bond tenor ranges from two to three years and primary auctions are conducted on monthly basis.  FGN Savings bonds just Like the FGN Bonds, has a secondary market for Savings Bonds at the Nigerian Stock Exchange which means that if you don’t wish to hold the investment to maturity, you can exit by selling at the NSE.

Interest payable in investment opportunity into FGN savings bonds ranges from 11 to 13% which is way above the interest payout from regular savings account in a commercial bank in Nigeria. This investment is tax-free and the bonds can be used as collateral to obtain loans from the commercial banks and microfinance banks.

If you’re interested in this Investment opportunity in Nigeria, kindly Contact your stockbroker to help you.

You might as well consider starting a small business that is less stressful. Well, if you have less than 200k, Mini importation is one business you should consider right away. With less than 200,000 Naira, you can start importing products from China down to Nigeria with only your mobile phone and make over 50%-120% profit depending on your niche in a short while.

Mini Importation is definitely a business in Nigeria to invest into You might consider buying out Mini Importation E-book for just 5000 Naira and see the same strategy that helped Samuel Benedict make over 5 Million naira with less than 50,000 Naira startup capital.

  • Good things to invest money in if you have above 200K and less than 1 Million
  • Invest into cryptocurrency

It’s no news that cryptocurrency is one of the biggest Investment Opportunities in Nigeria right now, but then, it’s a risky investment because of its volatility. If you’re in for quick money or want high yield investment opportunity, then buying some cryptocurrency should be something to try out.

Note: this is very risky and I mean very very risky investment. You will need to have proper knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency before you put in money into it.

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