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3 Swaps That Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a holistic lifestyle of better health, better ideas and a better lifestyle that you’re working toward. To make those improvements means updating your habits and to change your habits takes commitment and some tricks. One trick that has been helping make change for many is the idea of a swap. From addictions to smoking cessation to weight loss, the idea is that you don’t go cold turkey but you swap out the habit you have for one that’s better.

Grow Your Business, Not Your Inbox

To be an improved version of yourself, here are some simple daily swaps you can make

Mind: Swap radio for podcasts or audio books.

You’re in the car or at the gym listening to workout mixes or the radio. That’s great and there’s nothing wrong with that kick of motivation when you need it. However, one simple swap you can make is downloading audio books and podcasts instead. This has a few cool ramifications. One is that you’re getting smarter and learning.

Whether it’s a self-improvement book or a business-related podcast, you’re learning during under-utilized times. The second key factor of this swap is by listening to it now in the car, you’re freeing up time later in your schedule when you might otherwise have been reading. Finally, there’s the added benefit that during those podcasts or audio books, you could have major strikes of inspiration that open up where the radio would never have taken you.


Swap out sugary energy drinks for fruit. Avoid the sugar crash that comes from energy drinks and improve your brain function and health by swapping them out for fruit. Fruit can give you the boost of natural sugars and energy you need in a much healthier way. It’s a simple swap that can make a huge difference in your health.

The other added benefit of this swap is that consuming energy drinks can sometimes have the unwanted side effect of keeping you too stimulated resulting in poor quality sleep or less sleep. That makes you tired, which makes you want an energy drink the next day. Break the cycle with this simple swap and see your mood and sleep improve.


Swap out “can’t” with “how can.” Nothing is more depressing than a bad attitude. Naysayers and downers are no fun to be around. Are you one of them? Stop focusing on “can’t” and start asking yourself and others how it might just be possible. Opening yourself up to the possibility of “how can I?” leaves a lot of space for good ideas and inventive solutions in life and business. It’s a life approach that starts with swapping out your vocabulary and can open you up to possibilities instead of closing doors on ideas.

Can you think of any other simple swaps? Let us know in the comments section.

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