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4 easy steps and the tools you need on how to organize a bedroom closet

Nobody wants to have a messy, disorganized closet, but it’s all too easy for things to spiral out of control.That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to organize a bedroom closet and the tools you need to do it.Once you know how to organize your closet, you can also check out our buying guides to the best hangers, closet organizers and storage containers.
It’s the stuff of sitcoms, but not so funny in real life: a closet so overstuffed with accessories, clothes, shoes, and miscellaneous couldn’t-think-of-anywhere-better-to-keep-them items that just opening the closet door releases an avalanche of belongings.

Or more commonly, your closet isn’t yet at risk of injuring you when you go to fetch that cute new sweater, but actually finding that sweater is a chore, as it’s now buried among the other sweaters teetering on the narrow closet shelf.

Although it’s a problem often ignored, a bedroom closet that’s a disorganized mess definitely can slow down your mornings, cause you to waste money on clothing or shoes, and perhaps worst of all, creates a low-simmering anxiety whenever you contemplate the contents. You tell yourself, “I definitely need to deal with this,” start to feel overwhelmed at the seemingly insurmountable task, and then close the door, promising yourself that you’ll deal with it “later.”That’s why we’re here to tell you that later has arrived, it’s actually not nearly as tough to tackle a disorganized closet as you fear — the worst part by far is the anticipation — and the satisfaction you’ll feel when you open those closet doors to reveal a neatly organized wardrobe is priceless. 

Here’s what you need to organize your closet:

  • Nonslip hangers
  • An organizing system
  • A shelving unit 
  • A hanging organizer
  • A shoe organizer
  • Closet shelf dividers

1.Get rid of things you don’t need

You can’t tame the clutter monster if you’re unwilling to get rid of the clutter. That’s why every organizing project has to start with a purge.Start by blocking off a free afternoon and queue up your favorite upbeat playlist. Get yourself something to sip on as you work, and pull every single item out of your closet. Yes, all of it: shoes, clothing, accessories, and whatever else has multiplied inside the tight confines of your bedroom closet.Now comes the hard part: One by one, you need to make a decision and relegate every single item to one of these four categories:

i. Trash: These are the things that are beyond hope or repair. Those worn-out sneakers or broken heels. The permanently stained shirt. The cracked belt and the old, frayed baskets shoved to the back of the closet. If it belongs in the dumpster, that’s where you put it.

ii. Misplaced: Many bedroom closets harbor a wide range of belongings that really belong elsewhere in the home. Now’s your chance to return those things to their rightful spots, whether that’s the garage, the kitchen, the living room, the library, or even your car.

iii. Donations: Yes, you could hang onto those pants in the hopes that eventually you’ll fit into them once again, but why? The sight of them is a painful reminder every time you fall off the diet wagon, and you deserve new pants once you hit that goal, anyway. Now’s the time to be realistic; if the item is in good condition, but no longer fits you, was never flattering to begin with, is out of style, doesn’t suit your lifestyle any longer, isn’t a color that looks good on you, itches, is too short, or in any other way doesn’t make you feel good when you wear it, into the donation box it goes.

iv. Keepers: Once you’ve weeded out the trash, the misplaced, and the donations, what’s left are your keepers. Now you’ve whittled your wardrobe down to only those garments, shoes, and accessories that feel good, fit right, and most importantly, give you a smile when you wear them. These are the items that are going back into your closet once your organizing system is finalized.

2.Clean your closet

Once your closet is empty, it’s easy to vacuum those back corners and wipe down the walls that otherwise rarely get attention. Take this opportunity to clean the space from top to bottom, including floors, shelves, and walls. If you really want to give your closet a makeover, consider giving the interior a fresh coat of paint. A pastel or bright hue is a great way to add some cheer to the utilitarian space.

3.Choose and organization system

Now that you only have clothing and shoes you love and wear regularly, it’s time to decide how you want to organize them. There are a few ways to go about it:

  • Separate clothing by type, such as pants, skirts, shirts
  • Separate clothing by season, which generally means summer and winter wear
  • Organize by outfit, which makes rushed morning dressing a snap
  • Divvy up your wardrobe by color

While most people prefer to separate their wardrobe by type, feel free to use whichever system works best for you, and most importantly, is easiest for you to stick with.

4.Choose organizers that make the best use of the space

The typical bedroom closet has a hanging rod and one shelf. While that’s a good start, it’s not nearly enough to fully organize any but the tiniest wardrobe.There are hundreds of closet organizing tools available, but the following are some of our favorites. Choose those that best suit your closet, your clothing, and your needs.

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