5 Reasons why sleep is important for an Entrepreneur.



The constant argument  on whether sleep is important for entrepreneurs  has taken an alarming rate over the years. The battle between young entrepreneurs and sleep is at a very high rate, most entrepreneurs believe the more sleepless nights you have, the more work you get done, some even make it a thing of contest on who sleeps less the most.

However Some people recommend 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day to keep you healthy reason being that it keeps the body in shape and sets your mental health in the right frame for the next day. Here  are a few reasons to consider before deciding otherwise;


Sleep is Nature’s Agent

Sleep is a natural agent needed by every individual in order to be energized, and the body system is designed to require sleep after being active for a period of time.

It is important to understand  that sleep cannot to be cheated, you can only build up sleep debt.


The right amount of sleep contributes to a healthy work schedule.


The  right amount of sleep contributes to a healthy work schedule. Knowing when to sleep and how long you need to sleep  keeps you energized and healthy. It also contributes to a healthier work schedule as you now priotise your rest and know when to take a break. This in turn sets your mental focus to be productive and sharp when need be.

It organizes your daily routine

Having an unorganized sleep routine affects your body system in ways you may not understand.  Which is why It is very important to know what kind of activities your body system can handle, and the most appropriate time of the day to take on these activities.

when you give you body the proper amount of sleep it needs, it becomes easier to organize your daily routine as you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


It aides Healthy Eating

Having a healthy eating habit helps your entire body system function effectively, for some  Eating a  heavy meal  before bed affects their sleep pattern and cause a lot of discomfort.That’s why some  persons go as far as having their personal nutritionists pick out the right meals to have and what time to have it.When you priotise your rest, it aides  in eating healthy.


Increase in concentration and productivity.

The very essence of sleep is for the body to reboot and re energize. There  is something else that sleep does to the brain, it has a way of increasing one’s concentration and productivity such that you wake up with fresh ideas. Scientist argue that our most productive hours of  the day is between 4am-6:30 am.

The very essence of sleep is for the body to reboot and reenergize, which is why some Entrepreneurs  take a lot of coffee, energy drinks and other recommendations when preparing for exams and important tests in order to stay awake and study.

Try building up energy, so if you’re in the office and you feel sleepy, instead of taking short naps, try taking a walk around the office, this can also help in building up inspiration for work.

When it’s time to rest, sleep!!!                                                      

No matter how much you want to cut back on sleep, you cannot deny its importance, so therefore, if you decided to regulate your sleep to 4-6 hours a day, when it is time to sleep, sleep!!! Sleep time should be valued and shouldn’t be mixed up with any other activity.

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