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5 Ways to Improve the Safety of Your Office

For all companies, no matter their size, safety and security are significant concerns. Every company should regularly review its security policy to see what is working and what is not working to keep its customers, employees, and store or office as safe as possible.

However, a secure office doesn’t only keep customers, employees, and the office safe. It also can strengthen your brand, increase employee loyalty, and improve productivity. Here are five ways to improve the safety of your office:

1. Implement Policies that Promote Security

Having company policies helps keep your office safe and secure. One of the first things you should do when improving your office safety is to conduct an audit of your existing security policy. Identify gaps in the procedures, and make the necessary changes.

For example, if you used to hire employees and never had them get a criminal record check, that should be changed and added to the policy. Now, every employee working in the office is required to have a criminal record check.

Another item to add to your strategy is to conduct regular safety and security training. This way, your employees are kept up-to-date on the office safety policies.

2. Install Alarms and a Surveillance Systems

One really effective way to improve your office safety is by adding alarm and surveillance systems. The cost of a security system installation and maintenance can be high, but the peace-of-mind and protection it provides make it worth it.

Alarm and surveillance systems discourage criminal activity, and make it easy to investigate any in-house safety issues. The installation of a security system will act as a preventive measure in deterring theft and criminals breaking into your office.

An alarm system also will alert authorities if there is any criminal activity taking place after hours, giving you peace-of-mind that your office is safe when it’s closed.

3. Hire Professional Security Guards

When it comes to the size of your office, alarms and surveillance cameras are not enough. In some instances, your workplace might require professionals security guards too.

Security guards are a first-line defense against criminal attacks, and they can step in to de-escalate physical conflicts between employees, customers, or any other safety incidents in the office.

You always want to ensure that you’re doing everything to make sure your employees, customers, and office are adequately secured and safe. Hiring professional security is one of the items that should be considered when you’re gathering information for your security strategy.

4. Equipment Security and Theft Prevention

Your office might contain expensive equipment that needs to be protected, especially when the office is closed. Having a small safe where you can secure valuables that are small enough, such as money, is a good idea. For larger items, such as computers, tethering them to desks can help prevent theft if there was ever a break-in.

Protecting your data is equally as important as your physical property. You need to guarantee that the information and data you have about employees and customers in your office is kept safe and secure. It’s always essential to consider using a firewall, limiting access, and installing virus software to keep data safe.

Unfortunately, your office could come across a scenario when an employee steals. There needs to be a plan in place if a situation like this does occur, where an employee who is stealing can be dealt with quickly, so as not to disturb the office safety. Performing the correct check during the hiring process can help minimize potential employee theft.

5. Risk Assessments

A risk assessment is an index of potential risks that could happen to your office regarding security. You need to list each likely problem and have a strategy in place to minimize the risk and safety of your office.

Businesses lose a substantial amount of money through security breaks each year, and although it is impossible to be completely safe and secure, the more you can do to cut down the risk, the more you can protect your office, employees, and customers.

Risk assessments should be reviewed regularly especially IT assessments with the ever-changing world of the internet and threats it can pose. You want to make sure your office is always up to date on securing information.

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