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5 Ways Your Business Can Save Money On Travel

Hitting the big time, no longer just making products in your garage, room or even at your other job.

Your business is beginning to boom and people want to meet you, they want you to come to them and present your brilliance in person. Consequently, you are going to need some helpful tips that will make sure every meeting that you need to travel for is more lucrative than the last, so try these:

1. Look at flight dates before schedulingmeetings

This seems like an odd one but no one else knows your schedule so you can easily say to potential clients that you’re available only on certain days and are able to fly on those, whilst judging on which is going to be the cheapest for you, it always makes you look better if you can’t do a certain date but remember it makes you look terrible if you can’t do any of their dates.

2. Book a car with a fair fuel policy

I’ve not seen this around too much but there are sites that secures this with their packages, they also operate to find the best deal for you across all the available hire companies wherever you are headed.

3. Travel only when it is necessary

These times that we live in are wonderful for creating and maintaining businesses that operate wholly online, there’s really not a huge necessity for meeting anyone face to face unless of course there is training involved or a disaster happens or you wish to meet the client that wants to work with you as there is something a little off about them, although really if you can’t trust someone from the outset it’s probably not going to be worth it whatever the price tag.

4. Pack light

The extra fees for wherever your flying may seem minimal at the time and yes it can be great to have a larger bag, of course having ‘priority’ written on your ticket may too seem like you are part of more exclusive club make connections and get your own private jet one day rather than waste a tenner on exclusivity now that could add up to as much as three hundred over the year. Forget about the ridiculous ‘other queue’ at the airport, you do not need extra luggage if you are only going somewhere for a day, take a great outfit and your swimming/running/fun times gear, done.

5. Rewarding repeat business

if you are headed somewhere a number of different times then ensure that you make friends with the people on the ground there, mates rates comes from mates not strangers.

Keep your friends close and your enemies as far away from your secrets as possible.

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