7 Gaming Websites that every Gamer should Bookmark

There are a large number of people around us who play video games with a lot of dedication and passion. For some, computer and mobile games have become an integral part of their lifestyle. Whether you are a pro-gamer or a casual video game player, you will be aware that computer games are regularly updated and improved. Take Subway Surfer, for example; the developers keep adding new features and locations as per the changing demographics and latest market trends.

For professional gamers, it is very much exciting to keep themselves updated with all the advancements and improvements being made in the gaming world. For this purpose, gamers require access to certain resources that can keep them updated, and gaming websites are the best choice. But today, there are too many game-related sites to keep track of. Having so many websites around can be confusing, especially if you are figuring out which ones to follow regularly.

In this post, we have compiled a list of some major gaming websites for gamers who want to keep themselves up to date with the most reliable and news and updates. These websites also boast active communities of gamers who share your interests, so you should definitely bookmark them and keep up with.

Here is the list of useful gaming websites:

1. GameZone

GameZone Online, or simply GameZone, is a multiplatform video game website established in 1994. It offers game reviews, previews, guides, news, and editorials on a daily basis.

GameZone has separate pages for different platforms including PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, PS3, Xbox, Xbox One, GameCube, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS. It is a diverse website and also covers mobile games and MMOG.

An interesting fact about GameZone is that it has the third-largest review archive on GamesRankings and fourth-largest review archive among all websites and print publications.

This makes GameZone as one of the largest gaming news websites where you will find numerous reviews and updates related to games. For gamers who want to get their hands on gaming reviews and news updates, GameZone is the right website to bookmark.

2. N4G

Getting your hands on and absorbing the vast amounts of gaming news every day is a struggle for every gamer. N4G helps you by allowing you to submit gaming news and vote other submissions up for gamers.

You are also provided options to browse the news based on specific games, platforms, and much more. N4G also has a good community environment, and you will find many like-minded gamers in discussions being generated from the news.

3. Games Finder

For every gamer, finding games that can cater to their interests is a tough task. Games Finder provides you recommendations by putting lists together and allowing users to vote.

The editorial team ensures that gamers get highly accurate recommendations. Games Finder has a rapidly growing database and an impressive following in the gamers’ community.

Those gamers who have tried their hands on the new generation games and deciding which new game to pick up next shall bookmark Games Finder. The site will recommend the best games for you from a list curated by a dedicated editorial team and user voting.

4. Steam

Steam is a gaming website that allows you to download the latest games straight to your PC. Similar to digital music, steam has made the digital downloads the preferred means of adding new games to your gaming collection.

It is a popular site for buying games, playing games, checking out trailers of new games, and reading game reviews.

Steam also allows you to connect with a broad player community and meet gamers who share your interests.

As you play games through Steam, you earn rewards that other players can see on Steam. The achievements associated with Steam games adds competition and makes gaming more interesting.

5. Unlimited Gamez Mo

Unlimited games Mo is a gaming service that provides numerous games to mobile phone users in exchange for a small subscription fee. The subscription includes ad-free experience and unlimited access to games without any in-app purchases.

The Unlimited Gamez Mo gaming library spans over hundreds of games and contains games that cater most of the gamers’ tastes.

The games are listed into categories ranging from action and shooting to education and sports, while new games are constantly being added to the library. Given the extensive list of games and lower subscription fee, the service provides a real deal.

6. Wibki:

Wibki is different from other gaming websites as it provides you the latest gaming news, social services to hang out with other gamers, services to help you develop a game, and also helps you discover other gaming websites.

It is also a top website for sharing other gaming websites with friends and discover which gaming websites they are using.

After creating a Wibki account, you can save all your favorite gaming websites and share them with your friends. Similarly, you can also check what exciting gaming websites your friends have added and save the group to your own Wibki.

7. MataCritic:

MetaCritic has been the gamers’ friend for a long time. The site provides game reviews in addition to movies, TV shows, and music reviews.

MetaCritic has gained popularity because it allows users to register and write their own reviews for games, movies, shows, or music.

Users can benefit from overall “metascore and userscore” The metascore is based on the aggregated critic reviews while the metascore is calculated from the ratings and reviews left by registered users.

So at MetaCritic, you get the initial impression of a game and how it is received by critics and users. Reviews tend to be biased, especially those written by non-professionals; however, the aggregation mitigates the biases in reviews to a reasonable extent.

Final thoughts:

These are all the great gaming websites that a gamer should bookmark. Naturally, many useful sites couldn’t make it to this list, if you know any of them, feel free to drop a comment.

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