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8 Tips for Women Who Want to Break Into Tech without Experience

Booming employment opportunities, problem-solving challenges, and changing technologies are a big reason people are breaking into tech. But that’s not the only reason.
The idea of sitting in a dark backroom clicking away at a computer all day is not what today’s technology businesses are like. Successful technology businesses are looking for more than just coding skills.
Today’s technology businesses are looking for people who love problem-solving and can simplify complex ideas. More women than ever before are looking to break into tech due to its countless opportunities and work-balance culture.
Depending on the tech job you pursue, you may be meeting or talking with clients to help resolve their tech issues. There’s a mix of working solo, in teams, or with clients. The tech industry culture is evolving to promote internal motivation, production, and well-being.
New software and technology will bring you new challenges and keep you learning throughout a tech career. Whether or not you have a tech-related degree, you’ll always be learning new technology and problems in the field.
If you’re looking for a fun and rewarding career, here’s how you can break into tech as a woman without experience.

1. Read, Listen, and Ask Questions

Do you know anyone in the tech field? If so, learn from them.
Ask about the different roles available in the tech field. What is their day-to-day like? What can you do to best prepare to break into tech?
Research what job opportunities exist in the tech field that best match your abilities and interests. The tech field is constantly growing and evolving, offering positions in computer repair, software development, design, IT management, website management, internet solutions, and IT security, to name a few.
There is plenty of room to grow in your career in these types of jobs. Set yourself up for success by learning what tech companies are looking for in their employees.

2. Break into Tech by Learning Basic Skills

Before you start handing out your resume and jumping into the tech world, you must learn some basic tech skills. Fortunately, there are many places and methods to learn about tech to make breaking into the field easy.
Going back to school is always an option. You’ll gain an in-depth education that focuses on exactly what area(s) of tech you want to pursue. Choose from a four-year university, tech school, online program, or take free online classes.
If you decide to learn on your own, there are many free online courses you can take at your own pace. With a little focus and determination, you’ll master the basic tech skills in no time.

3. Have a Plan to Break into Tech

Once you’ve chosen your IT path and identified the type of learning you wish to pursue, it’s time to create a plan and a timeline.
Changing careers can be a long messy process if you don’t have a plan in mind. What you hoped would take a few months might end up taking years if you don’t set yourself up for success.
Begin by setting SMART goals. Specify what you’re planning to accomplish, where it will be done, how will you accomplish it, what conditions or limitations you have, how long it will take, and why you’re setting this goal.
Pair it with an attainable timeline to maintain focus, accomplish goals, and make your break into tech timely.

4. Check out Startups

The biggest hurdle you’ll face is committing to breaking into tech. The good news is you’ve already done the hardest part!
Once you’ve learned the basics, you can start poking around job opportunities.
As a beginner, large well-known tech companies may not find your experience sufficient. Don’t be discouraged!
Look into small companies and startups. They’re often looking for people who have tech knowledge but also well-rounded personalities and other talents that may be useful in a young company.

5. Be a Risk-Taker

Changing careers is a risk. Some would say it’s probably the riskiest part when you break into tech. That being said, welcome the idea of being a risk-taker.
Break into tech with confidence. Look for new opportunities, be willing to learn, and try new things in the tech industry. As you grow in the tech field, more opportunities in your career will open for you.
Even when times get difficult, embrace it and learn from it. New challenges are a great way to learn about the industry and yourself!

6. Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor is easier said than done and will require you to do a little networking. Someone who is well-versed in the industry and can guide you while you’re in school or in your job is a valuable asset.
A mentor can give you an “inside scoop” on what an IT business is like, how to handle new challenges, and where to find reliable resources. A good mentor should be non-judgmental and willing to give constructive criticism to help you grow.

7. Check out Tech Meetups

Learn the hottest trends in the tech sector and what businesses are looking for in employees by attending tech meetups.
Network with local tech businesses and learn about challenges other tech professionals face first-hand. You’ll get an inside look at what the tech industry is like in your community.
You don’t need to be a tech-savvy expert to check out a tech meetup. All you need is a passion for tech and a willingness to learn.

8. Let Your Passion Drive You

Once you build a solid foundation, you’re ready to start doing a project. Break into tech by creating a website, building a computer, reconfiguring software find a project in whatever tech role you pursue.
Keeping busy with tech projects, even if they’re freelance or on your own, will help build your experience and keep your knowledge in tip-top shape. Employers will value your passion and willingness to learn outside of the job.

Let’s Get Started!

Why wait? Technology is a fun and rewarding career.
You don’t need a formal education to gain the knowledge and experience needed to break into tech. With today’s available resources and networking opportunities, it’s easier than ever to make a break into the tech field.
Want to learn more about how to succeed in the business world as a woman? Our latest business articles will give you insider tips on business tools, trends, and tech.

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