A Review of the Cryptocurrency industry

The review of the cryptocurrency industry in 2020 is very essential, as the industry has grown into a multimillion-worth industry over the years. It has provided trading opportunities and financial security for many.  Cryptocurrency is a digital and virtual currency that makes use of cryptography designed to work as a medium of exchange with verified and secured transactions. The prefix” crypto” represents hidden or secret. Cryptocurrency refers to a system that allows secured a verified transaction through a decentralized record keeping platform known as distributed ledger.

Recently, cryptocurrency is widely used. The name cryptocurrency implies that crypto is the cryptography that keeps the information extremely safe from hackers. The Cryptography however is used to send and receive the messages securely. 

In otherwords, cryptocurrency is an easy electronic money created using the technology to carry out transactions while maintaining the privacy and information of the senders and recipients intact.

There are several types of cryptocurrency available. Although bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency you can use for trading. There are times when one could count the number and types of cryptocurrency available in the digital trading world. Today, that is no longer possible because the cryptocurrency market has grown and grown so big that the number of cryptocurrencies available cannot be counted anymore. However, some of the popular ones includes altcoin, ripple, litecoin, ethereum etc. 

Presently, technology have created more room for digital banking and financial transaction. Some people no longer trust banks to handle their money and private information hence why they prefer bitcoin transactions because of its obvious privacy. Cryptocurrency are processed on the blockchain. The Blockchain is a shared database ran by lots of different people and companies, instead of one company like the banks do. This way, no one has power over the transactions when cryptocurrency is involved, and of course you do not need to trust one single company (a bank) to handle your money.

Other cryptocurrencies have also seen rise but it is in no way compared to the drastic rise as bitcoin. The idea of bitcoin was initiated in 2008. Till date, the actual figure behind the discovery of bitcoin remains uncertain. Remember that at the time, nobody knew the bitcoin as we do today. Nobody knew it would be the start of a huge technological movements for the world. In fact, some experts conclude that cryptocurrency birthed a new Era in financial technology. 

Bitcoin went on a rise between 2013 to 2014. Then it slowed down a bit but in 2017 the market for bitcoin went up, and for the op. This time went a lot further.

Bitcoin is digital currency that you can sand to other people as a gift, for services or a product. It is simply a form of money just like how we use our physical currency for purchase and exchange purposes. But bitcoin is digital, it is not physical.

However, that is not all that makes bitcoin different. Bitcoin is also decentralized; this means that it does not rely on a bank or a third party to handle it. The price of bitcoin changes and not every day. That makes it a potential investment industry to explore of course not without a perfect understanding of the Bitcoin trading market.

Since the emergence of bitcoin, it has generated millions in the digital market. So, your reputation of bitcoin keeps improving every day, although still not perfect.

At least now you should be more Familiar with what cryptocurrency stands for when it comes to trading and technology. The cryptocurrency industry is a booming industry globally. Understanding some of the pros and cons of trading in with Cryptocurrency is very important if you are considering venturing into crypto investment.

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