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September 24, 2021

A Community of Entrepreneurs & Business Professionals

The art of providing entrepreneurial media services lies on the ability of successfully integrating virtual and reality. Welcome to BELT where this is reflected.


The Core of Entrepreneurship - BELT

The four verticals of entrepreneurship, maintaining a balance across these four makes you a formidable entrepreneur


We are a media tech company promoting balance in entrepreneurship


We are a media tech company promoting balance in entrepreneurship


We are a media tech company promoting balance in entrepreneurship


We are a media tech company promoting balance in entrepreneurship

Digital and Print Magazine

a quarterly publication that provides a blend of contents across Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Technology, with exclusive interviews, reviews, listings and related contents, available in print and digital editions

Digital Magazine

Digital copies of the BELT Magazine are made available to the public via various means. You can now get editions on your mobile phones and computers, allowing you to be updated wherever you are.

Print Magazine

Printed copies are also a big deal, based on hard copy demands. Magazines are being distributed in their raw form for readers who want to feel what they read. So grab a copy of the BELT Magazine to be steadily informed.

Tailored Experiences and Content

Get the full experience. Explore a wide range of articles and contents exclusively made to suit your entrepreneurial needs. Think BELT think information for competitive advantage.

Founders Tale

Focused on African entrepreneurs sharing their stories on their entrepreneurial journeys. This features entrepreneur sharing their milestones, mistakes, turning points and their notable experiences growing as entrepreneurs.

21st Century Women

Celebrating African women breaking bounds and limitations. Women who are taking the bull by the horn and daring to move against the stereotype idea of womanhood.

Next Gen

The future is in the hands of the next generation, that’s why the community focus on the power of young entrepreneurs. Laying out the utmost needed foundation for their growth.

Rising Voices

This features new and rising entrepreneur who are fast rising to become leading voices in their sector or industry through innovation, creativity and excellence, acknowledging potential and dedication.

The Kretic

A brand that focuses on reviewing business operations, customer relations and policies with the aim of improving general conduct


Understanding the gap filled by events for networking, BELT has tapped into this initiative to help our members & readers expand their professional contacts. Meeting new people at The Coffee Room & Annual Ball.

Coffee Room

Getting to meet the right people for your business through networking is our cup of tea. The Coffee Room is an event by BELT where you meet new people while learning more on certain topics addressed by our Speakers.

Annual Ball

Whats all the reading for without smiles at The BELT dinner table. Our annual ball is designed to host all members of the community. Talks over a glass of water and cake don’t sound bad to me. So Cheers we deserve it.

BELT Community

Creating a community of Entrepreneurs and Business professionals in real time and face time. The BELT community is definitely all you need for balance in Entrepreneurship around Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle & Technology.


Unlimited Access to Exclusive and Premium Content


Growing Entrepreneurs & Business Professionals


Business Executives, Industry Experts and Leaders


Business Organizations and Brands


Does reading make you sleep? Or you just still prefer an audio quality through podcasts. Well, we got that covered too; BELT creates podcast where different episodes match certain demands. Listen, we have a lot to tell you.

Social Communities

Our communities are designed to promote engagements, get support and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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