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Apple Unveils New Product Despite Global Pandemic.

   Seems like tech industry giant, Apple Inc, is not discouraged about their low customer demands which is due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
    Just like other companies, Apple foresaw that the pandemic outbreak would hurt it’s revenue. Apple, sold fewer than 500,000 iPhones in China, which is one of its largest market.
   Apple, is known for attracting a great deal of attention when it comes to its product launch. The company unveiled its new flagship devices, in a virtual presentation to some journalists.
   The California, US – based company, unveiled updates to it’s MacBook Air line and iPad. The updates includes : faster processors, revamped cameras and new keyboards. Apple, currently have its staff working from home due to the Pandemic.
   The Apple store website was redesigned to promote the new iPad pro and the new MacBook Air. The new iPad pro, which comes in 11 inches at 799dollars and 12.9 inches at 899dollars, looks similar to its previous models. But a new Liquid Retina display, more powerful processor and a new ultra wide camera makes it different. It also has a Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) scanner for camera depth sensing and to support augmented reality. THE LIDAR technology can be seen in self – driving cars.
  The new iPad pro also supports a new Magic Keyboard accessory with backlit keys and USB cord support. For the first time, the keyboard accessory includes a laptop – style trackpad for the iPad. It will be available for 299dollars for the 11 inch and 349dollars for the 12.9 inch model. The new iPad pro ships next week.
  Apple, said it has sold 500 million iPads to date and  the product still remains the best selling tablet for 10 years.
  The MacBook Air is also getting an upgrade as it provides double performance speed and storage from 128GB to 256GB. This means more space for apps and movies. It also comes with a Touch ID and a redesigned Magic Keyboard that was first introduced on the 16 – inch MacBook Pro.
  The new Magic Keyboard  solves a lot of issues such as jamming and accidental key presses. The MacBook Air, which starts at 999dollars also ships next week.
   The company, told journalists on a call that all efforts are being made to deliver orders as fast as possible, despite the Corona virus outbreak.

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