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Business Ideas You Can Start With Little Or No Funds

No Money, No Problems these are Business Ideas You Can Start With Little Or No Funds.

It is true that money is the blood that runs in the veins of any business. Anybody telling you otherwise is purely deceiving you. Did you hear that? I said you need money to keep a business going. What I didn’t say is that there are profitable business ideas you can start with little or no funding.

Most times you don’t hear that you can start a business with what you have and what you can offer. All you hear is that you need to raise startup funds. That is not wrong in any way but that doesn’t make it absolute.

Within the Nigerian context, there are businesses you can start with a very little amount of money; within the threshold of 10-20,000 naira.

I will admit that this is usually applicable to service-based business ideas. But who cares about that? They are business ideas and people can become multi-millionaires through these business ideas. lucrative

On our different social media handles, we have received many questions starting a business and one recurring question is usually the fund.

We have had people who want to know how they can start a business with low capital and high profit, lucrative businesses you start with little or no capital, best businesses to start with little money, best online businesses to start with no money, business without investment, best online business without investment etc. The list is quite long.

The common factor in all these questions will point to money. the fact that money drives every business notwithstanding, there are profitable business ideas you can start with little or no fund. There is a catch though, you can start but you cannot sustain the business with little or no fund. Therefore, you must ensure that you do your best to raise funds when you have started.

Here are profitable business ideas you can start with little or no funds.

Travel agent service

When you need a good business to start, you should consider the travel agent business. You only need to look at the number of people that need the services of an agent in this sector so as to get the motivation you desire.

People need the best deals on flight tickets, hotel arrangement, cab arrangement, and other necessary things. If you have any experience of things like these, you will be able to make money and it requires little investment in terms of startup funding.

Ever heard of Wakanow? It is a platform you can join to get people to book hotels and flights through you and you make gains through commissions.

Errand service

Errand service? I can see you opening your mouth and staring in disbelief. How can you make enough from running errands for people?

Welcome to the 21st century where everything has become marketable given the increasing commitment of people around the world. Here is the deal; since people are becoming busy and making more money, they will need to spend the money on others to do what they would have done for themselves.

They will need people to dry clean for them, clean their homes, shop for them and do other things for them. You may not even be part of the people working but you can definitely start a big business with this opportunity.

Business and life coaching service

Do you have a great experience or knowledge in an industry? Do you have an interesting and inspiring life story that people can use as stepping stones to greater heights? If yes, then starting a business and life coaching business is one of the profitable business ideas you can start with little or no funds.

When you have the above qualifications that people can leverage on to build successful businesses, then you can be on your way to great wealth.

The business is becoming increasingly popular in Africa and it is relatively untapped. You can become part of it.

Commodities brokerage

When you sell properties or close deals, you earn commissions. You could earn a huge amount of money from doing this. It is interesting because it requires almost no money to start. It is, without a doubt, one of the profitable business ideas you can start with little or no funds. In fact, you can even argue that it is the most profitable.

Fitness trainer

People need to get fit no thanks to health and aesthetic needs. Today, there are models everywhere who think of nothing other than staying fit. When you are an athletic individual, you can start this business. Check the number of people in Nigeria trying to lose weight and you will understand the potentials in the business.

What is more? You get to start this business with little or no funds. You can give it a trial today.

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