Million Dollar Journey with Theo Godson

Join my journey to make a million dollars in one year

My Goal

Make a million dollars before my 30th birthday in October 2022

Why Make This Public?

I want to share the hidden struggles and experiences of being an entrepreneur, I want to challenge myself to break new heights and have you join me.

My Strategy

Leveraging over a decade of personal experience and decades of experience from my mentors and teachers.

Implementing proven strategies and principles that have made millions of dollars for my mentors

What You Get From This?

Access to practical strategies and conversations from successful entrepreneurs that are exclusive.

The thrill of watching a groundbreaking goal

Learning to set and achieve your own million-dollar goal

The Crux - The Best Part

The truth is, I might not hit the target, I might hit it or even double it. Wouldn’t you like to see how I did or didn’t do it?

Learn from my strategies, my mistakes, my decisions, principles and everything that gave me the courage to do this. Coming public with this was scary, but I did it for you, so you can learn from my experience

How To Participate

Choose the plan that gives you the best experience


Grab a seat and join the ride

Are interested in seeing this come to reality? Grab a seat now to watch me make this dream happen

Stake Holders

The Money People

You are interested in being a part of the experience and want to reap the profits from the success of the journey.

High Rollers

Place your bets

You think I might succeed or I might fail and you’re willing to put your money and gamble on it

About Theo Godson

A little background story

Over a Decade Experience

One of my biggest flaws is wanting to be perfect, I rather not put anything out than put it when I can spot the errors and the tiny mistakes, it has made me cancel so many brilliant ideas and projects, just because it wasn’t perfect and then the timeline was missed.

I started my journey as an entrepreneur in 2010 and it has been a really long road, especially without having a mentor or guide to hold my hands or show me the ropes. I began this journey head-on and I’ve fought my way through everything, made a lot of mistakes, some very expensive ones, but in the end, I learned from them.

I have lost millions of naira on projects, product launches, investment schemes and many supposed opportunities, I have had so many not so great projects (if you know what I mean 😉) but I have grown from them

The Candid 30 was majorly inspired by a certain Pamela who called me after one of my talks on the radio, saying I made my life sound so perfect, like being an entrepreneur was so easy and I hadn’t faced any challenge all my life. I felt it and I made my decision to tell the truth, as it is and should be.

This is me wanting to share my life with everyone who’s interested in learning what to do and what not to do, I am making myself a public experiment and I hope you take advantage and learn from me.

Bragging Rights

My badges and the brands behind me