Are you ready to join a team of creative innovators, make impact and help build the world’s largest community network of African entrepreneurs?

BELT - The Guide for Entrepreneurs

BELT is a media tech company focused on balancing entrepreneurship across Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Technology. We provide a blend of content tailored specifically for African entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to bridge the information gap in the growth and journey of African entrepreneurs. Providing in-depth analysis, insights and generally telling the stories of African entrepreneurs.

We also promote the importance of affiliation, collaborations and partnerships across businesses in various industries to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations and strategies for revenue growth and to create a more robust socio-economic system.

We are building the world’s largest community network of African entrepreneurs








"...providing a blend of contents across Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Technology"

BELT Core Values


We believe in passion at the center of everything that we do, you have to love what you do to enjoy it and to make the best of it


Innovation is essential for growth and making impact. True change can only come through innovation.


We are big on creative thinking, coming up with better ways of delivering and achieving our goals. Getting and staying inspired is a top priority


We never settle, we believe there's always a better way so we must continue to do better, push ahead and make improvements

Benefits of Working at BELT

Work Fluidity

In our dynamic system and workflow, we encourage fluidity of our team. We create opportunities for team members to learn outside of their core work functions to create a more diverse portfolio and experience for members.

Growth Opportunity

There are no limitations to the growth opportunities within the organization. As we grow, so does our team as they take on more responsibilities and transition to other tasks.

Training & Workshops

At BELT, we organize and encourage regular trainings and workshops for members to continue to increase capacity, upgrade portfolio and gain more experience.

Community Network

Being part of the BELT community gives you an opportunity to network with various individuals from diverse industries and sectors to create new connections


We are all entrepreneurs at heart. We encourage new ideas, creative thinking and innovation within and around the organization.
We give opportunities to members of the team to innovate and implement new ideas and see it through its completion.

Meet the Team

Available Dream Jobs


Responsible for planning, reviewing, and revising content for publication.

Admin Assistant

Provide support to managers, other employees and handle a variety of tasks

Research & Development

Responsible for research, planning, and implementing new programs and protocols

Content Writer

Produce relevant content for publication

Graphic Designer

To plan, develop and produce visual materials in printed or electronic formats

Motion Graphics Artist

Design and create enticing motion graphics for video deliverables

Social Media Manager

Responsible for monitoring, planning, implementing and managing company's social media platforms


Promoting the business and mission of the organization and driving sales

Web Designer & Developer

Responsible for designing, building, and maintaining company's web and digital platforms


Independently plan and create content for BELT as editorials or visual content, packaged in series or one-off content


Identify, contact and recruit potential clients. Prepare sales presentations. Modify sales materials and strategies to suit each client's needs