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7 Habits to Become a Millionaire

Gift Ezeugo
Depending on a daily income as an employee would not make you a millionaire, but investing and having multiple sources of income will. There are...
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15 Lucrative small businesses for fresh graduates

Gift Ezeugo
Are you a fresh or unemployed graduate thinking of which business to start? There are lucrative small businesses that could earn you money, as the...
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Online Communication: Making the world bigger or smaller?

Gift Ezeugo
Online communication is a means of maximizing relationships through the internet using digital media. It is a great way to catch up with friends and...
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The Use of Technology in marketing: Old Technology VS New Technology

Gift Ezeugo
Marketing is a process that involves the selling of goods and services to targeted customers. It also involves the creation of a suitable environment for...
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4 Ways to Make Meaningful Business Connections

Faith Amarachi Isaac,
It’s lonely at the top.” If you’re in business or trying to get into the business arena, I’m sure this is something you hear a lot....
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3 Things To Consider When Business Networking

Faith Amarachi Isaac,
Do you dread those business breakfasts where you have to put on your best suit, best smile, walk into a room where there is no...
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Networking Like a Pro

Faith Amarachi Isaac,
I think we can all admit that as much as we may not like it, networking can be crucial to success in business, regardless of...